Los Angeles, Congress, Omar Navarro Omar Navarro discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Maxine waters was first elected to congress from greater los angeles in nineteen ninety maxine waters is a democrat she's got a high national profile she has been in congress for twenty seven years she has reported a republican opponent for her seat this year he also ran against her in the last election cycle is man named omar navarro omar navarro is an ardent trump supporter is a former car salesman lost a maxine waters in two thousand sixteen by more than fifty points still giving it another try this time with backing from high profile trump supporters from all over the country among them trump adviser roger stone pardoned former arizona sheriff joe arpaio and the info war guys info wars guy who says the sandy hook massacre didn't really happen as for mr navarro himself according to the l a times he resigned as a local traffic commissioner last year after a pepper spray incident he was accused of pepper spraying a child while actually been aiming to shoot pepper spray at ralliers at a pro sanctuary cities event you know so plead guilty last fall to a misdemeanor that had to do with an electric tracking device he attached to his wife's car after pleading guilty he was sentenced to a day in jail and eighteen months probation and he was ordered by the court take an anger management course now listen to what happened when the local paper the daily breeze tried to ask them about that quote initially said there are a lot of omar navarro's implying that perhaps someone else with the same name was convicted of the same charge on the same day involving the same wife then he said the incident that led to the criminal charge occurred years ago actually happened last year finally he acknowledged the conviction but first he blamed the orange county district attorney's office and the media for fake news and then finally he admitted that it was his own doing.

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