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Not thin skin that way. I have no, the best guys in the business and they're on this show. I'm always amazed when I can get in the course of a year's time. 80 or 90 very positive emails on one of my friends on the show of this dealership, and one person writes with a bad experience. But again, I get involved in that because I was part of that transaction. Because I said, that's one of the best people in the business. And if you doubt that I have the last email I'm going to bring you today. This guy wrote me and I messed up on it. But I think his email is going to be valid for a lot of you, he writes, may hope you're safe. I bought my GMC Train because of your show from classic in Arlington. 2018. I've already driven 120,000 miles on it. Wow, he said, But I have a problem. The radio interface. The issues are the presets are great out on the FM and am preset classic states. I can't fix it until the manufacturer General Motors Has a fix in the software. It's been over a year now and nothing I tried to take care of this before the warranty ran out, but there is no fix. Still a fan and I answer back. You put 120,000 miles on this drain in two years. Yeah, I'm still not quite sure what you're referring to. So he explained it a bit more and again. I was party to this. I told him Darren Lancaster and his kids run the best beer GMC store anywhere. They're just great people. And so he has a problem, not with them. But with his train and a GM that seems to be dragging their feet on a fixed for it, So he wrote me back, he said. The infertile the info interface that controls radio Bluetooth connection camera while backing up Sits in the middle of the dash, and it's just great out. So He talked that he talked to brand over there a game a print out. That all GMC is with this particular system have the same problem so I want you to know I messed up. It was my fault. I don't know how I did it. But whenever somebody writes me with a complaint Or an issue. On someone on this show for any reason. I leave it active in my e mail file. I answer all my e mails and I'll leave it active. Just what I do until it's resolved and the guys on the show. Ask any of them. If I asked him about the deal, I may ask about two or three times. Let's get this fixed. What is the problem? What are we waiting on? We're actually waiting on a fix from General Motors that they seem to be dragging their feet on for over a year. Somewhere along the line. I did delete that email. While we were still researching what the problem, Wass. And so he wrote me back, and I had to write him and say, I'm glad you wrote. Because I had forgotten about it and for the record Any issue like this. I keep in the active email window, so it's always there to remind me Until you wrote me the other day. That's the first time I realized your email was gone. That being said. I shipped it over to Adam again. Adam Lancaster, the general manager on Friday. I'll follow up on Monday morning and I want everybody to know. Okay. It took a while. But Adam wrote me back, he said. We may have actually found the fix for it. And we think we can re flash and fix it. And he wrote me back and said, I'm sending you an update. Classic GMC. Contact me Bring my vehicle back in. They ran that update for the radio software on all my presets are working again. E said many thanks for helping me out on this. Wish you all the best and that is what I do with friends on the show. When we have a complaint they don't happen happened. How often hardly ever But I'm party to that because I told him these are really the best people. Now we got a problem. Jim Heartache will tell you had an issue with his store that day. Got the border Jeep Gladiator from him. And guess what. I'm party that I'll be glad to help. But if you go elsewhere to buy a car, that's wonderful if that's what you want to do, great. But for legal reasons, I don't comment on issues with other dealers. Dave Lieber, The Dallas Morning News is a wonderful consumer advocate. But I don't know the people who get both sides of the argument. I don't even sometimes know the people there to get somebody that may or may not care about whether your problem gets fixed and some of the dealerships or just Horrible by reputation. But what really gets me is when I get this and you answer it, and then all said, everybody gets put out like somehow. We're the problem. That would be wrong. Mr Daniels will tell you on his drain that was wrong. Almost everybody will tell you that's written me with a problem over the years and again, not many with anyone on the show. We take it seriously and I get it handle period. But for those who don't think we do that, by elsewhere Don't get mad at me because you use the dealership out of convenience. We'll be back in a moment on 5 70 Calif. I'm Dane minor, with Freeman Honda. There's three.

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