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Called Harries. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced, over designed and out of touch. Harry Czar approaches simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp, durable blades and sell them in honest prices for as low as $2 each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory. Obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering 100% quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's. So thank you if you're one of them, and if you're not, we hope you give us a try with this special offer. Get a Harry starter set with a five blade razor weighted Handle, Shave gel and a travel cover offer just three bucks, plus free shipping. Just goto Harry's dot com and enter +7750 at checkout. That's Harry's dot com code +7750. Enjoy. Still ahead of local police department wants to make sure you're familiar with a certain kind of traffic stop will explain after traffic and weather had blue Fernandez on parrots and cockatiels and finches and cats and a little lost op. So Maltese she's like 22 yellow Lab. Floyd Black Lab Mercy Mercy's coat. It's very, very shiny like it sparkles in the sun. And I'm also a part time dog trainer. So I will always endorse dynamite the I n O V. I t that. Why wait until your dog is shedding like a monster dog from the agony, the misery of being stinky and having hot spots and shutting and making sure that they have Probably nutrition, the Omega three fatty acids. Flax. Thank you fell for the digestive enzymes that are cooked out of regular dog food getting started early. I mean, your doctor will love you for it. My dogs do Poppy zooming around the house. It won't be your dog will be I get my invite at D I n O v I T dycom 10 38 traffic.

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