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Races Hollywood is racist what they're doing with the guy the movies they're putting out that's a very dangerous drug got three hearing give examples but did say the heads of the biggest Hollywood companies would soon be going to the White House and he's going to talk to them conservative Republicans totally different than the three others as they get their that Jason Evenson ABC news body cam footage along with police dashcam footage released today as Hamilton County prosecutor Joe deters announcing bad officers involved in that shooting on July thirty first in Westwood will not be charged it said the man shot thirty six year old Robert Schneider who was accused of committing several armed robberies in the tri state just days before that incident died from his injuries early this morning at around twelve thirty more than eight thousand vehicles are said across the Roebling suspension bridge daily and when it was closed due to falling sandstone in mid April businesses in Cummington saw sales drop rubbing point books and coffee was one of them is under Richard hunt said between seven and nine AM sales were down seventy five percent while the bridge was closed finally re open the car's businesses in the city's roughly point district this weekend will offer discounts and specials welcome back those force to take a detour for the past few months I'm Sean Gallagher newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. here's a Reds update Cincinnati bouncing back tonight in game two of their big weekend series with the cubbies as they top Chicago a great American ball park five da to Trevor Bauer getting is ten to win of the year game three of that series it continues tomorrow night along the river first pitch seven ten on the home of the red lakes your next update at eleven thirty rob carpenter newsradio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by unbound dot org right.

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