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Amnesty International, Abiye Ahmed, Indian Ocean discussed on BBC World Service


The other produces batteries for the vehicles the move makes Holtz father one of the first global manufacturers to take advantage of rules introduced in twenty eighteen which allow more foreign ownership of Chinese comic is Amnesty International has accused Ethiopian security forces of extrajudicial killings mass detentions and torture in a report to the rights group says the crimes were carried out in twenty nineteen the same year the Ethiopian prime minister Abiye Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the violations include the extra judicial killing of thirty nine people in Oromia state since last January an octopus is being photographed at the depth of seven thousand meters in the Indian Ocean almost two kilometers deep within the previous records the group has been named dumbo because of its resemblance to the Disney character Jonathan Amos reports this remarkable discovery is the deepest ever sighting of any member of the group of creatures called cephalopods which include relatives like the squid it was made by British marine biologist Alan Jamieson who's pioneered the exploration of the deep using cameras and instruments attached to landing frames the dropped overboard from a set ships the dumbo octopus was spotted on two separate drops Dr Jamison says you must have some special adaptations to survive the crushing pressures those are the latest stories from BBC news this is the real story from the BBC I'm with the last show with your weekly deep dive into a story that's making use and changing lives on this weekend history in the skies us for the first time a private company and office space agency.

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