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The coast to the valleys upper fifties for the land fire for in the high desert's mountains in the mid thirties. Not too many changes sunshine sticking around into your Friday. But for the weekend, we could have some light showers to start your day on Saturday clearing by Saturday afternoon into early Sunday, another round of light showers possibly moving in late Sunday drying out into the start of the work week was most accurate and dependable forecast. I'm CBS to meteorologist Danielle Kirsch KNX ten seventy NewsRadio temperatures right now. Corona fifty nine degrees. We have got forty four chilly right now. In Lancaster in the high desert currently sixty downtown Los Angeles at twelve seventeen. Woody Allen has filed nearly seventy million dollar lawsuit against Amazon the lawsuit claims breach-of-contract Woody Allen says his multi picture deal with Amazon was done even had one film ready for release when Amazon pulled the plug. Over renewed allegations of molestation during the metoo movement era Gardiner's with the Hollywood reporter really is do these resurfaced allegations against Woody Allen town, do they make it impossible for Amazon's move forward and enjoy the benefits of having a deal with Woody Allen for movies Gardner says Helen has a decent case. But the law does recognize something where unforeseen events might undermine the original purpose for entering into the contract. When Amazon I signed Allen ROY price was the studio chief price later resigned as he faced allegations of sexual harassment. Vicky more KNX ten seventy NewsRadio age twelve eighteen Bill Cosby has been moved into the general population. Now for Pennsylvania prisoners, he serves the three to ten year sentence for sexual assault. The move comes after the eighty one year old actor comedian spent about four months special housing as he got acclimated to the prison. Cosby who is legally blind and now has a single cell in the two story unit along with inmates assigned to help him throughout the day Cosby is appealing his conviction of drugging and sexual. Assaulting eliminate use home back in two thousand four at rooster. Juliette banish minoshe is urging people to let Justice do what needs to be done in the case of Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. She says he should not be forgotten that he was a great producer enough. I think a lot of people express themselves. Now, I think we have to test this has to do its work. She spoke today the Berlin film festival Weinstein charged with raping a woman in two thousand thirteen and performing a forcible second sacked on another woman in two thousand six he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex new report reveals most Americans are at risk of having their identity stolen. We get more from CBS news correspondent, Tom Hansen. Laurie Cooper had her identity stolen wants. And now gets creative with her passwords have crazy passers..

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