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After from to know get ration millions of women notched in cities across the country around the world and they've been many demonstration since so i think at this point you could fairly say we're in it can i'm usual put a can get condition when you have a lot of political and a jimmy on the left in search of strategy right right you know absolute live and if it's critical to remember that this is you know many thank you know and it will didn't presently the certainly mathematically not represented majority of people in the country so for the third election around the democrats got the majority of voters to win in the country but for this really working those three states you know and seventy eight thousand it's we would be facing his problem so it's it's just critical not to overreaction terms we're trying to you know gravitate in that direction but the enthusiasm active is on the resistance incredible the impressed so an inspiring and is the type of thing that's necessary and we need to be able to make sure we focus it in channel it in strategic way to help us go back power hunter's ten states we lost by single digits and so what are we doing to build capacity in those states to be a would increase are both there i'm be able to manifest whole majority that we do represent with on the country skin again as big a mainstay felt as a senior fellow the center american progress in the founder of the moxie comma a national click the leader and civil rights lawyer is the author of the new york times and wash new post best so it brown is a new wide how the damage demographics revolution has created a new american the john it's and he hasn't havoc on that the new york times.

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