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Didn't nobody was yelling. Take the belt from him. You know what i'm saying like so you got time in regards to. How beaten her mega metal. And if you. I mean if push comes to shove and he needs more time created another intro. Dial in just for jeb you. That's exactly what's happened. The last couple of times right as he was hurt recovering couple years ago. Dustin max fought for the entering championship. He fought dustin be dusted this year. guide cancelled because of the pandemic. Tony adjusted for the intertidal. He'd be justin so like if push comes to solve. You know it in you know for me. Everybody hates the championship. But for me. Because i believe such a big star when that guy becomes interim champ dustin forty eight. He made more money night that you'll ever make because now shares the pay per view just engaged made more money than you'll ever make because now he shares on the pay per view as a belt holder. Some if they do that you know those guys are getting their money. I just think it's hilarious. How quickly they took the belt away from henry and even on jones we also all thought that that was that was negotiating ploy right like everybody thought that was negotiating point for henry in. Nobody thought that's not being there. Mega metaphors do everybody thought. Wow we didn't see this coming so this must be real in leave. It is so now we're gonna try to see what happens with the lightweight we look at the whole week. We're deciding okay. is it going to be. Tournament is going to be this. Meanwhile they're like yeah. You take all the time you want. We respect you respect your decision. We hope that you come back and And here we have conner emporia. Getting ready to fight. Conor says one fifty five so that is good news. Although dana white told the media he thinks it's done dc. I'm here to tell you it's not done. It's not signed. there are no about agreements. I wonder if i'm again. I think you said last week. If i'm poor starting to get a little bit nervous. Try to pull the switcheroo and do connor versus gate. He right and make that a number one contender fight. Or even an interim titlefight reich is magical. Could you imagine if mcgregor gets a hold of the interim championship in now you go to even go. Hey you know. October abu dhabi you mcgregor again god although the money because now you may be right. You walked away and you could say more. There's a good chance you'll probably get more you know because that's a home run. It's a home run union mcgregor. So i don't know i i don't know but if anybody gets and i'm starting to get worried about that because of us do the switcheroo last week i put colorado but if you're dustin you start to get a little bit worried. I think a lot of people forgot the fact that the reason why pour versus ferguson didn't happen was because poor one at a bump and then when the connor thing materialize like i said he he twitter. He was very eager but what happens when they call him behind the scenes they were still not calling him right and they say oh are you in. He still gonna wanna bump. You know what i mean like. The the stand hasn't changed. We're talking about a month later if they if they have gates you ready to go. It's let's be honest connors. The dry here right. I'd love to see portia. connor. I hope they make that fight for. He deserves it. But if you have gates in the background Ready we'll do. He doesn't have the leverage that he thinks he has potentially. And that's the problem. I just think that as a fighter. You can't negotiate your way out of these fights. I don't know if maybe In connor in the ufc already started to come to terms in terms of money. If i don't know how far along they are in the process but doesn't have gotten what he wants already. You don't know we don't know that so we have to wait and see what materializes but. Here's the deal My lafayette i will start calling the starting to try to get some answers in terms of how how in. Where do we get what we're trying to go because you wanna be a fight. Come january you want you want to be the guy standing oppose mcgregor in january if you're him if you're gay trendy if you're ferguson don't matter who it is at one fifty five you wanna be on the opposite side because the reality is this if there is going to be a stripping of new mega medoff in putting the championship on the line if probably going to involve mcgregor even though i do believe it should be dust in versus justin. I will also say this. I think conor wants to create. I think there's a lot of personal bad blood. Between him engage she member gates. She said some things about him as a dad and stuff like it got really kind of ugly between them I wonder if that's something poor favor if mcgregor says no no no. I'm only coming back to fight this guy than use. You will have to figure out how to make that deal coming up in just a matter of seconds. We're gonna talk about another situation where we've got the belt and Champion.

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