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Partly cloudy, muggy, Scattered afternoon storms today will see a high of 88 expect some isolated showers and storms tonight you're low down to 70. And more of the same tomorrow. Scattered showers. Storms likely throughout the day. Rain will be heavy at times with a high of 85 78 degrees right now, In the wake of the shooting Sunday, it smelled park that left two teens dead and three others wounded him. The county prosecutor Joe Deters, says his office is going to crack down on gun crime following the deadly shooting involving two teams that smell riverfront park Sunday night that also left three other teens with injuries. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who joined Bill Cunningham Tuesday afternoon, said his office would start cracking down on those who commit gun crimes. We are doing no plea bargains. We are done with this nonsense. We're doubling down in the court system theaters, adding that he spoke with Cincinnati Police chief Eliot Isaac informing him that his office will also prosecute gun law offenders arrested And stop and frisk situations. I'm Sean Gallagher. NewsRadio 700 WLW. Police are investigating the deaths of an elderly Westchester township couple who were discovered by their son last night in their home on Revere run. Police have not said how they died, but a typed out note was found in their bedroom. And it's a an incident report has identified them as John Anderson to Wallace. There is now opposition to plans to turn a home in North Avondale into a monastery. They don't want priests in their neighborhood group of People live in North Avondale, opposed to plans returned home on Rose Hill into a monastery for the order of the Legionnaires of Christ. Lance golf, returning to home into a residence for 10 priest. But neighbors object, saying it'll bring down home values and bring potential sex abusers into their neighborhood city is recommending approval is only change in the current landlords vouching for them, since they've never been a problem in the areas where they've lived artificial Cincinnati's to the letter of support as well, saying that there are recognized congregation of the Catholic Church you've been living in the archdiocese. Nearly a decade and Brian Combs news radio 700 WLW on Wall Street. The Dow is down 66 points NASDAQ Lost 41 S and P has dropped four. The Reds and Royals wrap up their three game series This afternoon. Our pregame coverage gets underway.

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