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Want it once a day. They'll let yourself the into your place in your bedroom. And change your chief is simply called sheet happens. And that's all we do. Change your bed because everybody hates changing the Goodman. That's a very good one. My house would subscribe to such service. No doubt about it. Aren't you an avid sheet changer in your country? I'm on my way. Is an avid sheet never change. But that's the thing. If we hired this service, we'd be living wipe that would be the number one thing. Lord want for sure? Okay. What's magin? You're a person who is always late. You should be able to hire somebody to come into your house and set all of your clocks. Ten to fifteen minutes. You don't know when it happens though. So you don't know your clocks. Oh, and we'll figure out a way that they can do it on your phone too. So you think that your and the normal time, but your fifteen minutes in the past suddenly you're on time. So that. Yes. Can't when someone tells you come over for dinner at seven, but they've told everyone else thirty always late knowing that you're gonna be half hour relate. Yeah. Yeah. Great. All right. Judy mines called the Schuman aid to real time fact checker that you wear peering, and it checks everything that enters your ear and corrects anything that's wrong in John Schuman's voice. Every time. It's well, actually. Shaq's free-throw percentage is fifty two point seven percent. Well, actually, cannonball run came out in nineteen Eighty-one not nineteen Seventy-nine well, actually most legal immigrants crossed the border legally and overstay their visas, right? Alexa. Yes. Yes. Onto any sitting. Yeah. Comes into your ear or other people say, oh, Gotcha. Everything like that. It'd be a lot of well, actually, exactly the Schuman. We're going to be millionaires, man. No, it's not. All right. That's rapid fire. List and hopefully, another classic edition of the drop. That's. For the decide. This is ridiculous. What is it? Are. I think it's a sort of some people corn Holter. Active was the fight of. Wow. If you subscribe to the show on apple podcasts, do a solid leave us a five star rating. Leave us a review really helps us out. We will have a drop on Tuesday next week. But no television show on Monday. It's a long weekend for us because of the MLK days MLK day games that are on during the day some of them on MBA TV. So the show back on Tuesday the drop back on Tuesday morning. Like, I said later on that Friday or a week from today. We'll make our all star pigs once we find out the starters that will always be fun. But keep your questions coming. Hashtag the starters and the starters at NBA dot com. You heard it here. I have a great time turn up. Love you guys. Awesome. Thanks for joining us. Andrew remember cornhole is not stupid or ridiculous. Embraced weekend. People. Again.

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