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Woman was with the writers who attempted to break through a barricaded door. Just off the standard in the capital, where they say the people. The police were armed. On the other side. You see those photos from inside the chamber. The cops all sort of pinned up against the window. Their guns drawn as the windows were being smashed in. She was hospitalized with that gunshot wound and later died. Um and then, of course, those others with medical emergencies. We don't really have a lot of clarity on what that means from the police. But again, four dead from yesterday's events. That's in addition to 52 people arrested as well at many of whom were arrested by the way most of them were arrested for violating Muriel Bowser's curfew that was instituted at 6 P.m.. So there were these were curfew viol. Nations. A lot of the arrests yesterday. According to the cops. Also 14 Metropolitan police officers were injured on Guy would venture a guess that there's probably others. Who were injured as well. This is just MPD Ondo report We're getting from place gave Robert Conte America. Yes, and and I just want to say is I was saying before before he went to traffic about the division is going to put this out there because you have made a point about how people were saying, you know what's happening. What's going on people who are on the ground there. It was such a disconnect because on one side of my screen was video of people inside the Capitol and at the time peaceful, you know, they're walking between the velvet ropes, taking pictures and statuary hall that kind of thing inside there. And then you start get more violent. You some people, you know, breaking windows, and then the people outside on the lawn of the Capitol on the steps were just kind of like milling around hands in their pockets. Wandering around watching what was going on. It was such a disconnect. There was like one group in Inside. You know, that was violent. I think there were other people inside who are very peaceful. But outside, For the most part, the vast majority of those people were just wondering what was going on. And and so a lot of them didn't even look like they were packed. They were, like, all right, well, I gotta get a ride home. So it was. It was such a disconnect. It was like two worlds yesterday, Right? And I got to imagine especially if you're if you're kind of back from the capital even a little bit, maybe a block away. Maybe even hard to tell what's going on, You know, because what happens is the images from inside the Capitol right at the capital's, or they get blown up into these gigantic national things. We're seeing them vividly right there on our screens. But maybe if you were in attendance, and if your father back in a crowd where you think that you're there to be a part of a peaceful protest, a peaceful assembly may be hard to find out that you probably start getting indications text messages. Things like that. You know, I do know someone who went yesterday. A friend of mine. Who was there who just walked. The perimeter of the capital is all this was going on, was just walking around praying the rosary. Praying the rosary that that all of this could come to an end and praying for our country on Guarantee he was not alone that a lot of people yesterday I found myself praying yesterday because because it's just so disheartening. You know, I mean, like, I know everybody knows what I mean. It's just you watch that and you know, like What happens now? You know what comes next? How do we How do we get it together? Like how do we hang together? You know, I heard, um Tucker Carlson say last night. That You know, there's some some fantasies occasionally from people that we can figure out a way to have some sort of peaceful, peaceful break up where you know one half the country goes its own way. The other half the country goes this other way, and then they can live and you know their own utopias of their own political designs. And he pointed out. This is not possible. That is a fantasy and that in America were like conjoined twins. You cut one off, the other dies and there's this Is this reality that we have to figure out how to get through it all that we have to figure out how to bring it all together again. And in order to do that, and again, I'll expand on this this morning. But in order to do that, you have to have some confidence in your institutions. You have to have faith that the system works, and it works for everybody in America. Especially in our our electoral system. How we do this every two years substantially for the House of Representatives every four years in a giant way when it comes to the White House every six years percent and Almost always, almost always these things come and go. Feelings are hurt. People's egos were bruised, but in the end, everyone sort of cannot accept. Okay, this work and butt's gather ourselves and come back next time. And if you lose that that's when you start becoming third world. If you lose your ability to have any faith in the system whatsoever, that's when you that's when you find yourself in chaos. And we have so many leaders so many leaders who have devalued their currency who have who have been untrustworthy, who have violated the trust of the public who have sought to enhance themselves in to enrich themselves. We've been corrupt who have sold us out for so many years? How do you think Trump gets elected in the first place? It's the Washington establishment that the people were rejecting because they didn't like being looked down upon anymore and rejected and not not hurt. So With you. This is all should be a gigantic wake up call to our ruling class that the only way that you can lead is if you care about the people that you lied, See, And I'm going to disagree with you cause I don't think it's a wake up call to the ruling class at all. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm saying it should be. It should be. Yes, And I don't. I don't think it will. And I think you're going to see more division as we move forward. Unfortunately, we've got a lot more coming up a lot of guests who will be joining us. Tim Kearney will be from washing. An examiner was at the capital. He joins us at 6 35 will get Brian Darling's reaction. He is a veteran of the Senate. He will join us at 705. Julio Rose. This was on the ground. He joins us at 87 35. Susan. Ferruccio joins us at 805 and Dr Andy Harris will be joining us at 8 35, sir. Very packed, informative show for you ahead. 5 22 on W M A L. Does anybody want breakfast?.

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