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Three point line that package did you know he shot thirty one percent from the three point line and he had a stretch of what was it twelve straight games back there in february march remember that when he was thinking led the league in three point shooting threat yeah you tell me about that forty one stretch and the fortyone percent shot at ucla from three we don't we don't do we don't do you get to bring the loud guy really good to you all made no way he came case exceeded the pro level well i'm still waiting on him imported present that you've been telling me well giving his nineteen years old what is the hardest position to figure out going from college to probe ask his daddy told me he batted imagine he better than stocks that he bet an audience guy so what what do you need to figure out will be will be better no he's he's eight if you took my boy and put him on golden state and you took steph curry and put him on ucla steph curry could not right now komo skilled now you need to stop no lavar needs i didn't say that i think the brian is going to be the parent finally he needs to be the parent to lavar i really think he may be just got back from italy yesterday skip i just drive i took my head of the broad hey john belk applying came on home did you pay for your day in the yacht because hundred seven hours stigma headed oh y'all good beckel to play with keeping the moaning checking i do going up bron talk it's starting a dynasty in la is that his plan and jason garrett on the hot seat in dallas it's coming up hey guys taylor here.

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