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Two job with using up other people's money and i don't mean like hard money i mean i have lots of friends that are like oh that's awesome. We love to do something like that too. But i'm wondering how to get there faster. Yeah all right. I'll start so if you want if you want to scale faster rate and you're going to need to raise money for like a. Why do people invest with somebody else. Why do they choose to invest is because a. They're aware of the the person right like they know that you're doing real estate Be there. This is not there where i should put like an abc to this. They're aware as they number three is they're capable right if i want to make this an abc. I'm making a framework right here. A they're able they're aware in other words that it's it's benefiting them because they get a good return better than they get elsewhere. They're aware of the situation. And they're capable of actually invest in. They have the money and I know here. Maybe you delivered a pitch to them so like they could have all the first three things. But if you've never actually go for the sale you never close it. You're gonna struggle there so anyway so Michael blonde has a really good suggestion. That i've always loved is even before you have. The deal is to put together a sample pitch deck of like this is the type of deal going after. I've always loved that. People are funny creatures right like we all crave good design and clarity so much and so this is one of the things. I say the webinars all the time. One of the reasons bigger pockets calculators are helpful is i mean the calculators are great help you run the numbers but what i i think the most valuable part is it gives you a pdf with charts and graphs and color. And when you show that to somebody. They're like oh. Wow yeah you know what you're doing like don't even read it. They don't even know what they're talking about. But chris that clarity and so like putting time and effort into putting together a sample pitch deck sample. Pdf of this type of deal. We're going to be doing. And then they're aware of it. Could you talk about on your instagram. Your facebook whatever you are attending events. You're talking to people constantly. You're going on podcast. You've got enough experience. You can start dry going on different podcast talking about what you're doing all those things. Add up to be able to scale quicker building your audience. I mean this is why spend so much time now. The only reason. But i spent a lot of time and effort money growing instagram. Because we've raised thirty five million dollars in the last twelve months and has all come from instagram. Almost entirely right like it's insane. And it's because i wanted somebody say this they said they invested in my fund..

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