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The bills. yes to gay cal nine news reporter Chris Holmstrom. independent writer drivers are urging the governor and the California legislature not to pass an assembly bill that redefines what an employee is and when they can get benefits from an employer. the I am independent coalition represents ride hailing drivers work for lift another company's Becky Warren with the group says the proposal coming up for a vote fairly shin would mandate the number of hours employees would have to be on the clock in the work week and that strikes at the heart of the concept of an independent driver at the end of the day when you're a driver right now you can work when you want to and when you don't want to work to turn off the apt and they want to protect that flexibility and that's why we're asking for different legislative solution the coalition says of the measure passes it could put up to three hundred thousand lift drivers out of work they're asking both the legislature and the governor to rework the measure before the legislature adjourned to the end of this week in downtown LA P. Dimitry okay and extend seventy newsradio HX here in southern California are growing faster than anywhere else in the nation numbers crushed by the southern California news group show wages rose four point three percent during the last year in Los Angeles orange riverside San Bernardino and Ventura counties that's the highest of fifteen regions in the country that were studied now we are playing catch up before a while employers and this area didn't have to do is match they had it available talent pool and now because people are trying to look outside of the area they're trying to look at other opportunities in other industries allow employers are going to have to pay a little bit more economists and you to meet for a with the LA county economic development corporation says LA's unemployment rate is low at four point five percent I think that as long as there's a demand for those workers as long as employers are trying to fill positions I do see the way to continue to increase New York City had the second highest pay increases Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio so are you ready to pay more for gas the US chamber of commerce convinces Congress to raise the federal tax federal gas tax that's exactly what will happen ed Mortimer is chambers vice president of transportation infrastructure he tells KNX funding for highways bridges and public transport comes from that tax which hasn't been raised in twenty six years he says their plan would mean people would pay about a hundred and twenty dollar. more a year doing nothing is actually costing the average American more right now the average American was a six hundred dollars a year due to a blown tire or a broken axle also lose up to a thousand dollars a year and wasted fuel costs at any congestion so there's a sixteen hundred dollar cost of doing nothing just a this is a senior analyst at the you know center for transportation he hasn't interesting take on how California views it. when you believe the high gas prices are good on their own because high gas prices will reduce demand and therefore reduce CO two emissions you don't have that problem with a lot of other states tennis is reached out to Americans for prosperity which is against a higher tax but has not heard back from them. the conservative one American news network has filed a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit against MSNBC and political commentator Rachel Maddow the network which is based in San Diego says she was completely false when she said on the air that the new service was paid Russian propaganda one American news is owned by the herring family it knowledge is that one of its reporters is originally from Ukraine and started his journalism career by writing articles for Sputnik news which is affiliated with the Russian government but the family says that reporter is now a freelancer for one America who selects his own article topics for submission no comment on the lawsuit from how or MSNBC thirty five we have traffic.

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