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Boy ever since the last dance aired everybody's getting ready there Michael Jordan stuff on the phone with us from heritage auction house it is Christian aired welcome back to the show Chris how are you but the extravagant and people can go to H. aid dot com and see these items what do you have from for Michael Jordan what's up for auction so we have to really cool pieces that are ending tonight at ten PM central at age eighty dot com they're both they both originate from Michael Jordan's closet basically one is a right shoe air Jordan one size thirteen and a half and the other is the only known one of his baseball glove that's ever at auction and the story behind these two is in late nineteen ninety four has been white when needed Jordan yeah she was trying to find out something about hiding his earnings for his thirty second birthday which came in October of ninety five and the body by the guy that has everything records she tracked down her jeweler and he knew of a company in Israel that may be the really really detailed all personal items out of silver oaks south silver and she has she had an air Jordan one and and it is a baseball glove made out of silver basically and then what we're selling is B. actual item she when the gloves that were used to make the sober on mold your sculptors or whatever you wanna call it my mental and these are the originals so it's pretty pretty cool a solid silver air Jordan one issue this Michael still have that I wonder how much that would go for we actually sold one are years ago because she actually had ten of each may they can yellow tie David Falk out wanting a museum got one ball scores got one I believe Jordan kept shoe yeah you got to make more than one if you're gonna be making something so special and together we had to make this mold which is pretty pretty intensive process already ready to make an outage which is nothing in our industry but we did sell glove in the issue years ago before the last dance and I'm not going to bore you with excel or because it doesn't matter well the last dance it doesn't matter that places is really irrelevant because prices have went off you know some some things are ten times of their work before the last dance it and I told you last time I was on your show you we had a service cleats which was first pleased ever at auction yeah I estimated at them before the last dance for five thousand they ended up selling for over ninety thousand is three C. one hundred eight yeah it's changed everything how much remind me how much Michael Jordan's signature of its on something how much is the signature worth it really depends what it if you were to use that say you know what would it be on eight by ten photograph or something you're looking at about a thousand box why do you know if you had a Jersey boy so much that it's with a lot more in a game worn Jersey what is that two hundred thousand three hundred thousand dollars no match late career goals using one by Jordan not a real special game or anything you're looking at one fifty two hundred thousand but if you had an early career photo masters in some way that you're looking at a half a million maybe more probably more about robin Cavendish people remember here in Chicago Rodman took office Jersey after every home game and throw it in the throat in the stands how much is a Rodman Jersey is that anywhere near anything yeah we sold one I think I I brought up was the most unusual we sold one that I'm a woman and a girl at the time she she with the Christmas day not having gained bright red and she she's a really cool a caricature of of Rodney with Sir Bobby was holding a Jersey unit Hannah and her sign that that she held up to them to Qualtrough and robbing Claudette prince of it during the game one founder after the game called rose up through the Jersey and we sold that I think that's sold around twenty eight twenty five thousand something like that twenty five thousand dollars cheese man wow you know you got a tip and it's double that it might be triple that yeah even even did that guy get the guy like Steve Kerr John Paxton and close landing spaniel any guy that played with Michael Jordan all the items are going up in price that's crazy while Bobby Hansen Jersey game worn Jersey what's that going for from ninety two I don't know who that is I'm I'm you need your my memory I I knew both of them lose teammates were but I don't know Bobby Anthony let me tell you something about a Bobby Hansen in game six of the nineteen ninety two finals that the Chicago stadium when the bulls are down I want to say a fourteen or seventeen points Bobby kept hitting those threes that brought him back in the game and they just left him out there and kept hitting and hitting the bottom in the bulls ended up winning that game against Portland and they won the championship game of that sort of game five that was game six mana to Chicago stadium wallmark on my return you too bye bye go watch that sounds pretty check in I want to say that Bobby Hansen is a coach in Iowa well I'll check on that you have something some different Bobby Hansen so right about that I have nothing to Bobby Hansen I was just at that game and I remember it vividly like it was yesterday but let's get back to the Jordan issue Chris narrowed on the phone with.

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