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Broke about chlamydia cases are up through the roof and you know Santa Monica this is like a this is a big exciting moment for us because I think that we have played a part in this or perhaps the doctors just more concerned with because of it and not so much about people at the club all right here we go my next question this guy what do you sleep in typically what will be your sleeping attire a very large T. shirt you are so similar and and aware of me to skied very large T. shirt and underwear is it boys underwear or the women's style okay a test striker to the commission my question first guys we try to guess her S. T. D. here what's your favorite position not to play when you're playing softball or baseball he did let me finish okay I'm not sure it's sure he's got to go so she gets a hold of him and have a family friendly radio show unbelievable all right I've got one final question in this will determine I believe have severe the rest is have.

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