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Five mostly between Volusia county in Jacksonville troopers up in Jacksonville say they may have found an S. U. V. involved but haven't said whether they've made an arrest all right six twenty seven on Orlando's evening news chief meteorologist Tom Terry's back with a quick look at tonight's forecast I Tom Terry after very close to getting a record high today we came in one degree shy in Orlando with eighty five we're gonna drop it all the way down to the low sixties even into the forties by the end of the weekend and in the middle Saturday means rain and some gusty storms nabi timing it out for you with your five day forecast for times an hour still I'm AT downtown Orlando seventy nine here news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. seventy nine at Orlando International Airport as well and Jackie o'brien with your safe that security triple team traffic still Disney delays Osceola parkway to five thirty five and a Kerkorian now you've got a slowdown from Connery up to John Young eases up past that still heavy for seventeen to the bridge was found so at lake merry particle o'neill downtown St Lake passage for parkway one ninety to pass the four twenty nine with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki O. brandy's ninety six point five W. D. BO certified financial planner crystalline here from certified financial group in Altamonte springs where your independent personal financial consulting firm working for you on a fee basis which means we don't have any house products to sell for over thirty years are twelve see if people officials have answer calls personal financial questions and we like the answer yours so tune in every Saturday morning at nine right here on news ninety six point five Debbie DB O. as certified financial group we're planning tomorrow today management forty four certified advise record a registered investment advisor online adventure group dot com the end of the decade is here international diamond center with our largest through January twelfth it's a multi million dollar the end of the decade with everything on sale save twenty thirty forty as much as fifty percent on some items two thousand nineteen was a great but it's time to clean out so we're offering deep discounts in every category rings earrings pendants bands bracelets even designer jewelry plus for this event we have literally thousands of.

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