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Droughts and famines are inevitable. Well, we've got all these dire warnings from the United Nations about climate change. What is taking a so long to do something about it? It's difficult to get governments to think in long term periods such as that. And that's the problem that that the world is facing and particularly its facing because of the of the lack of interest in pursuing these ambitions that's coming from the administration in Washington, which attended the last conference that the UN held this one academy CI in Poland. Promoting the continued use of coal, which of course, is a one of the filthiest fuels around the the end of the use of which the environmentalists say is absolutely necessary. If we're to preserve a planet. Anything like the one we have now fighting for our own future. CBS news. Correspondent Mark Phillips in London. Thank you, Mark. My pleasure. Let's talk now with CBS news foreign affairs analyst, Pam Falk at the United Nations. Pam let's start with that new US ambassador to the UN nominee had an hour. What challenges do you think she faces? She faces very. Important challenges and very consequential challenges because the UN is stymied on some of the biggest issues in the world and the United States in Russia are not agreeing on much at the United Nations. So she has to face a U N that not only is stymied. But it comes at a time when the Trump administration has cut funding of many programs and withdrawn from several international agreements. So all of that is something she will have to face and still try to balance a good relationship for the areas where the United States does want cooperation how could she do that though if she has no political or policy making experience only having worked at Fox News as a correspondent. And then if the State Department spokesperson she will be coming to the United Nations in an unusual position. Most of the US ambassador to the UN have come with some experience embassador Haley came as a former governor, but she comes. With the experience of being the spokesperson for the State Department. And so she is familiar with the issues. She just doesn't come with foreign policy per se experience. And so I think that will be a big challenge. It will also be challenged to deal with diplomats. That's something that takes it a little bit of knowledge a little bit of experience. But I think that's where we'll see at the confirmation hearings if she defends herself well and comports yourself well on trying to explain how she will get what the United States wants at a time when the US has pulled out of the Paris climate agreements, the global compact on migration and several other UN agencies was Nikki Haley ineffective ambassador to the UN. Absolutely. She she has been a very effective UN ambassador, and she spoke with the authority of the president because she was a cabinet level, and that was perceived by diplomats, and so she made strides in many areas. She has been absolutely tough on trying to bring the UN around to not be especially the general assembly. Not be so anti Israel. She has been very successful on North Korean negotiations and nuclear weapons negotiations less. So as the world is less so on Syria and the crisis in Yemen. But we still that's still an open book. She took the position at a very rough time for the United Nations. But her travels around the world her personal diplomacy has really paid off. And she's been very effective. Looking back at the year for the US at the UN has the country been leaning into the world at the UN. Or is it retreating? Oh, it's absolutely retreating. And that's going to take either the next president and the next UN ambassador a lot of time to try to recoup because the world is perceiving that the United States is real. Retreating from a multilateral approach and just going it alone. And that's very difficult when it comes to migration, it's different difficult, and perhaps much less successful. When it comes to climate CBS news foreign affairs analyst been folk on the year on roundup. Thanks. Pam. Absolutely. Steve good to be here. Coming up on the.

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