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He's guaranteed to make put them in a position avoided in the event. Another insubordinate act takes place. I think that's exactly what they should do to give themselves the power to give themselves the leverage as opposed to being worried about losing thirty million altogether. What are your thoughts about what the rate should do antonio brown at this point. I understand where you're coming from. But here's the diff you know and i have our conversations outside. He yet winning if the cure and winning is the number one goal and the raiders going to exhaust every possibility it antonio brown on the field which i think this recently it came out that he made a public apology to the team he was. He was gonna play monday often but here's the deal i if we could be talk. We can look at it for. What did he even and you know anybody by now because we put together and i've listened to you. You always told me to be who are on t._v. Nobody gives a damn about show behavior win. In between those friends you start the ball. I wasting time again the very people out buyers in we talked about the asian. Now we domestic abuse. We're not talking about guys. That will be like major history but we talked about oh heavens. Even this ain't the first back that thought alert and haywood. It just hasn't hit the public right. Antonio brown's biggest issue is big as wall doing if not on what he does but he's let he's played this out in the meeting. He's you bring negative attention into not only pittsburgh but oakley. That's been his mistake the things that the head coach his been around long enough to know this is enough to any n._f._l. Franchise that have dealt with with players of his bachelor's. What i will say did a halt also khalil mack graphic cleaner fair. He's drafted job day in order to stay better off if they have a question that quarterback in their cars really the guy and now you bring in and tonio brown make sure that all go right in the third and a hundred and ten low right and that's all balanced it but once they get tonio brown on the show this is oakland level that they watch we get into games if we can get past all of this and he goes out and catches for one thirty and to every member why they deal with antonio brown's obviously put on the table they told pillow busy so we look at say that's a problem we may affect everything they're going over to team but the real honest pruthi see it as long as his production maxis what what he's bringing forth things that negative and they win game and they about to move vegas and they have a more key tame that they can put up on a billboard two bits on the side of the stadium as long as they exist him for the game. They still deal with the as long as they can. It's like a girlfriend. I know she's not good for me and like now and that's what oakland go do it and tony because they can't handle newton komo bears. I know you gotta go do your t._v. Go ahead and do that man. I appreciate your bro. Thanks so much we'll talk. I only marcus spears doing a great job as he always komo on n._f._l. Live in just a few minutes or so. He.

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