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Well no I you know it's interesting Meryl Streep said this and I've quoted it because it's really smart because she's actually one of the smartest people I've met not not just period. She's she's just so smart but she said them she said that The one of the reasons that there were so many great characters for women at that time. mm-hmm was that There is no real danger that she's going to take his job so if she's not going to take his job she can. She can be as outrageous and say whatever she wants because we're not worried that she's got any of that money away and as soon as it becomes an issue shoe later than female characters change And I was like. Why are you that smart? I know it is it is it's great and and I and I think it it gets something very true and there's this great monologue in the film by Amy March which she talks about kind of the tough choices and sacrifices that women have to make and read that that was directly inspired by your conversation with Merrill. Just another thing I still from. Yes no no this. A scene where Amy March describes really the stakes of marriage for her that that that would came directly out of a conversation precision with Merrill who who said this is what you have to make the audience understand and And also for me because of the character of amy who I loved it gave amy context that she didn't have before and I think amy has been a a misunderstood understood character and I felt that in some ways I wanted her to get some real estate as an adult woman to explain. Why why she thinks Sushi things before we go? I have to also say congratulations. To your Hubby Noah Baumbach. He's nominated for best original screenplay. Replay for marriage story also in contention for best picture. What's it like having competing films vying for best? Pictures are a little bit of friendly competition. honestly. There's just so much kind of amazed joy. At home I'd say It was a surreal moment when we both Looks at our phones yesterday morning. we can mutually had a moment of legs tend to face the music eh but then but then it was just I mean it was extraordinary. We were just totally ecstatic. And honestly what am I. Don't even know how to express how amazing it is because it is you know I. He made an amazing movie and The his movie and my movie or both being recognized by our peers. In this ways. Amazing I eh. You like. This is just like adjectives. Like big good adjectives. It's it is. It is something something might be bring to Oscars is home this year. Maybe stuff well again Greg R. O.. Greta Garbo I know you said Credit Card Greg did that because my wife said I thought she said Greta Garbo this morning when I said I was interviewing Greta Gerwig and then and she says to me WHO's credit card which happens a lot because I love old movies and she's about ten years younger than me. Yeah she's Nice. She says so if you said I want to be alone. She wouldn't be like yeah she would say why. Am I speaking that way. Medico Greta Garbo John unbear- More in grand total totally comic pairing I mean and one of my favorite line exchanges is she says says he's. He's in her room. She doesn't she's she he's a broken in and she said who are you and he says I'm just a man standing in your room. Invest Line reading I know John Not John Barren Barren would actually that in the women I think was the first experiment with with an ensemble cast because prior to that the studio exact said why would I waste two or three stars and movie stretching across threes interesting. I didn't I know that. Yeah well seriously the women would pay to see that ten times over if you did it. Well listen I mean maybe got my wheels turning I I get it I gotta figure I gotTa write the next one right well once again. Greta Gerwig wonderful film is little women and is now out in theaters. Greta congrats again and thanks for talking with me. Thank you so much thanks again to the delightful Greta Gerwig for coming coming on the PODCAST. Don't miss her film little women now out in theaters check your local listings for showtime's or visit little women dot moving. Today's episode is brought to you by Krona's broncos provides HR solutions for the modern workforce in the people who support motivated. Engage them. They I put. HR payroll talented timekeeping on a single cloud based platform learn more about Cronos. HR payroll talented time at CRONOS DOT dot com slash HR swagger. That's CRONOS DOT com slash. Hr Swagger if you enjoyed. Today's podcast cast be sure to subscribe to us on Apple podcasts and rate and review us while you're there five star ratings in detailed reviews are one of the best ways for new listeners to discover the show you can also follow us on facebook or on twitter at at kick ASS news pod in recommend us to your friends on your social media. 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