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Position of one of those stuff and is listening back to an interview or even my boss talking walking in Bat me and my role to someone else I wanted to reference me by my Nyman and what I do my title I I totally agree with you look I'm I'm looking forward order sharing this with with listeners and getting their feedback let's let's talk about it in saw vice grip all make sure that you'll tagged anything you can jump in there there and making your point in fighting for what you believe in which would you always do which is awesome you have you have a son and a daughter don't you breath for decoding the kids yeah I mean sometimes we over McCain yeah so is that different yeah well it's not gender specific specific decide the cage the same as the stall sorry but also it depends on the conversations well like if I'm talking about something that Donald something nice nice to see if he would use the names adjacent that you know that's that's different she took me about in people who work for you that a then it doing amazing sales and and making a business successful you know and that's quite different to talking about your children's side it's not every situation hey you're part of a mass group have you guys discussed that this topic in the group now if they lose his annual in Jacob Jacob Grayson be Ah Liking Alien Jacob and win during Haley and it's amazing like we have been meeting every single week in two years more than two years way have the EPA meese awake it's just incredible what has done yet we credit getting giving that is so good two years every way that's amazing that's fantastic I'll bet you're now hearing this before they spoken to you you they thinking Oh my God I got stopped what do I call them when I'm talking to and now they're all they're all some their yeah we have politics now just on a slightly different topic do you follow listen to Jordan Peterson Ni- have uh-huh have you heard of him on Youtube so he all of that way he talks a lot about gender equality inequality yeah be interesting to hear your thoughts on him when you have a chance to have ever listen to one or two of these videos cool any this has been great thanks for thanks for saying Yes to recording this another is your little unawares and appreciate you contacting may as well and sharing thoughts because it's some it's cool to get this stuff out there and and chat about it as and I really appreciate the eating manage well yeah I mean we could have attended saying let's talk about things and change the world one step edited Anne if I talked to you before have a fantastic Christmas say hi Matt Hype You have an amazing busy season which gets you right in the middle of now yeah yeah thank you have already that was Anne and me chatting I'd love to hear your thoughts on what any has to share you guilty referring to your staff as the girls if you have or have you noticed other guests on the podcast or other photographers maybe inside facebook groups that you're a member of referring to this stuff as the girls have you seen photographers referring to mile stop as the boys all is any making a big fuss about nothing and this isn't even on your writer it's not something that we have to worry about whatever your thoughts whatever your position on this is I'm candy he read about them I'm sure any is to leave a comment comment in the comments area of the show and you can find them this week at photo bs x dot com for slash three three three all if you're a premium member let's chat about inside the members facebook group feel free to tag any if you are a member and let's get the conversation rolling on this topic taint in last week's episode of the podcast I interviewed underwater photographer Brett Stanley and what I- Creative Mazda Asta this guy is I just love what he creates a love the fact that he has mermaids as clients socal but you know there was more to his business photography that interview than he's creativity and what he does for his clients business behind the photography and maybe maybe a little tough in saying that Brett was lazy with these business I actually I think it was him that use those words I use it in an email and also as the title philosophies interview the really he may described himself as lazy to me I I see that as a lifestyle choice and I'm sure Brett does house to I mean I'm sure here's a bit tongue in cheek when he called himself lazy I'm sure he's anything but lazy could he have a more successful well more profitable business yeah I think so and I think any any photography any photographer photography business coach listening to Brett would agree that yes he could be making eight Hun- more money from his business from his creativity eighteen from his vision and what he does but he chooses not to because he loves a lost all that he's created Iran he's photography pizzas anyway do you agree am I on track track is doing the right thing is there a right or wrong way to run a photography business if the person behind the business has lost all that they want candy he your thoughts on that one to leave comments in the comments area or let's chat about it inside the Nimbus group if you haven't heard that interview with Brit make sure you get back and listen and please have a look at his incredible work as well you're listening to the number one photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets which photo Biz dot com we are going to jump into this interview with Emma O'Brien in just a second.

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