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And in a weird way. I mean, he became the biggest icon in sports and entertainment. I mean, he's the absolute biggest than the idea that. Gorilla wants twirled around in an airplane span is pretty remarkable. They had a program you you're probably too young to remember remember wide world of sports. Yeah. Yeah. So the wide world of sports was on Saturday afternoon on ABC Howard Cosell was the sports sports guy for ABC. He did Monday night football. He did all the boxing events. You didn't have pay per view in the seventies. Very little closed-circuit even were few and far between. So when there were big boxing matches and Ali would defend these were all recorded to be shown on Saturday afternoon usually about three weeks after the fight. And that was appointment television. You ever you knew the outcome. But you wanted to see the fight. So this was another way you used ALI'S. Name and anything that Ali did got media got attention. So this was a way to promote the Okie fight. And if something got. Done Dolly that was big news. And it was reported everywhere in everybody knew about it. Well, because it's it's you know, I traditional I mean, even back, then even though a lot of people still believed a certain part of the audience, maybe thought wrestling was different. But a a, quote unquote, real athlete like Muhammad Ali would have everybody talking. I think everybody's gonna be talking after tonight come hell or high water because Tom Lawlor former UFC fighter is going to be right here in Atlanta wearing it out and Penelope Ford's their eighty Kingston, Simon grim. But I think the main event is Pentagon and Ray Phoenix taken on Christopher Daniels for kazarian, invest, a you. And a little prick in J F is there and hopefully Scorpio sky beat the shit out of him. Tickets are on sale now at a vent bright just look up come hell or high water. I wanna mention glacier. The fuck and the day is this real life fattening tonight in Atlanta. So you there in event Brian come hell or high water. Let's talk a little bit about. The guerrilla position. And how that position came to be and how why was name that. And what guerrillas role was back then because the position in its responsibilities of certainly a change as technology has changed in the business has changed. How did you hear that? I came to be and was that what it was called in Texas when you're breaking inner was always a New York phrase. It was in New York phrase. In mid south. It was the cue, man. I was Q man. A lotta times in Houston Paul would queue guys from ringside while he did commentary in mid south for television. I would sit ringside, and I would give the queues at ringside. So the grill position was a little bit different in New York in that. It was the last bastion. That the talent right before they went out. So the the curtains right there right before you went out, there was gorilla monsoon at the table telling you, okay? You got five minutes. Gone out. If you go over I'm going to kill you. If you look back on some old shows from the capitol wrestling days, you can actually see guerrilla when guys would go over there time walk to the ring. Slap. The Matt in yell at the guys with the stop watch around his neck, and you'd see gorilla monsoon in the middle of the match Yellen..

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