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Here. He runs it the way he wants to run it and really have anybody run him. So it may very well be the just does whatever the hell he, yeah. Yeah, you know, and he's such a bad acid could do it. You do need a coach, you need a mentor, don't you? I think you do, and I think he has one, but I don't think he has one is like this. Really. You know, I think he calls his shots. I think I could be wrong, right? I think he calls the shots in with Daniel, no way. He doesn't call the shots. It's crazy Bob and myself that that take care of what he needs to be taken care of when we talked to him about in regards to fighting drain, he listens to all our coaches, but specifically crazy Bob and myself. Oh, it helps. And you guys have a track record, you know, some sure some of the other, some of the other athletes who are going to encourage them, hey, you know what? Stick to the plan stick to the game. They look. It's worked for three other guys, five other guys, eight of the guys, ten of guys just don't be dumb, just don't be trying to go outside and look for other stuff. Stay here stick role thus, and you're going to get to where you want to get to done it before thought is one of the things that's helped tremendously people. The our track record speaks for self so so we don't have to try to get you to come on board. I mean, you you do or you don't. The majority of them that come here now want to because they already know what Bob and I've done and they wanna be with us. So. So yeah, it's much easier. What are you most proud of that's happened throughout the course of all this? You know, I get asked that all the time, and it's the stupidest response that I always give, but I always say the same thing, it's we're still together as a team is cool though. People are always looking at well, it's when you win this title. No, we're still together as a team, right? But understand how important it is we, we've been around the longest out of anybody in the history of the sport. Last steal this, a strong team. You know, you have all the personality, you shoot a box. Yeah, he had militant fighting systems. You had all these previous people that were great at some time in their no longer there. They're the shamrock. You know the, the ca- tour system they, they're all gone, right? They're all gone and we're still here. You know, we're still here. We're still actually were stronger than ever. We've never no one's ever held three titles in the UFC at one particular time when we've actually in that position right now because Daniel has two titles in Honey has the other. So we were always supposed to have floor, and I was like, yeah, it was sure supposed to have four, but you know something always happens. But you know, having threes amazing, you know. So we're doing what we're doing well with that. Yeah, it's amazing. Mean with with all the different personalities and stuff, it's gonna be tough to hold everything together. I shot Kyle Kingsbury message telling him I was coming here and he's so excited. He's like, please give him my love. Thome tell everybody there. I said, what's up, and that's that's a really cool atmosphere. Because a lot of times people will leave at gym or the Leyva company and they'll be bad blood. But in this situation. Anyone who's been a part of this, they they're kinda forever branded. Yeah, I'm from k. and it's it's a badge courage rather than like if. It's it's. That's what we'd like to keep doing. But you know what?.

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