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We're tracking the weather and traffic all morning Long house with the weekend trap. Tracking the tiger and Houston. How about them? Yeah, about that. And did they found it? And, uh, I just couldn't figure out why it took so long do that. Well, because people were hiding him. Uh, that's simply why's that is adding of I Is that against the law? Well, you know, I don't know The police were looking for me. Did you see the hand off by the way? India is the tiger's name, and when they handed it to the comet, it was like it was just a cat there. Houston police reporting that they were happy to report the scene Tiger in Houston was found. It appears to be unharmed. Yeah, just petting it giving it bottle, right? No. You know, it's Yeah. Is it fair to say the headline that they used In the Houston Houston Tiger found safety after terrorizing neighborhood Well, according to this, it looks like there's about a 14 year old girl feeding it a bottle, right? I don't know. I don't know that it was terrorizing the neighborhood. I mean, I guess any time there's a cat on the loose a big cannon lose. People are scared. Yeah, but I would go ahead. I said it did have a 10 piece Terrier nugget right with it. Yes. Uh, they said that since Monday of last week that Tiger's been passed around, they said 67, or eight times, two different locations in Houston. Do you mean passed around? They were denied it like this. They were hiding it. Boy. I did. I don't know if that's breaking a law or not. How does that phone call? Go? Hey, can you watch my tiger for a couple days? Just Yeah, just Hey, Just give us a look. We just need a little break here. Yeah. You know, we're kind of stressed out. He starts acting up. Scratch his belly. Exactly. Yeah, we'll bring his toys over. You know, stuff like that. Maybe that's how it goes. But at least he's in India has been found. I guess she has been found. So. All right. Good. So terrorized. Yes, no longer terrorizing the neighborhood. China has gotten there. They landed on Mars. How Italy says what they're claiming. I was totally shocked about this. I didn't note. I don't know China was was in that kind of position to do that. Yeah, but I, you know I guess they are. They say that the plans are for this Rover to stay there for a few days. On and that you'll see it roll out of the lander. Do some diagnostic testing before rolling down the ramp to explore an area it will join in American rover that arrived in February, so we will have two Rovers. Rolling around Mars. Now the Chinese when will get better gas mileage, But the Americans gonna American when will last longer and more luxurious without a doubt. So without a doubt. You know, I guess you could believe you eat. We're not gonna go. We're not gonna have space conflict are weak. Those are our reappear on Margo. This is our part of Mars. Well, it's not the one What do you mean? Nine years we've had nine successful landings on Mars since 1976. So it's 9 to 1. So they can't claim anything yet, but they're gonna have her like a rover cruise night or something. You know where she just kind of run, man lined up together? Yeah, right. So Well, have you seen the one from Mexico that landed Got hydraulics to rob Banks is up and down. It's pretty cool that the one with Dingle balls on the floor, All right. Very good. Very good. Yeah. So But.

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