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Could you just introduce yourself to us, please? Yes, ma'am. I'm John Abbott. And what do you do? John is having trouble telling me about himself because of Jeffrey. That's the very un podcast friendly rooster who keeps interrupting him. Jeffrey the rooster and John live on a farm in milledgeville, Georgia, population 17,000. It's about two hours southeast of Atlanta. And we've tested them to talk about a farm staple. The tractor. Growing up, I was used to riding the older tractors that were just a straight shift, diesel engine trapdoor, really the only electrical wiring on it was from the battery to the starter and headlights. But that's not how tractors are now. Now, the trapdoors can basically control themselves, you're just up there in case something malfunctions. John climbs into the cab of a John Deere, 50 75 E this is our newest tractor that we've gotten. He puts the key in the ignition and starts it up. When I start up. And then once it's cranked once it's cranked up and running, well, it's more like a cell phone on wheels than the tractor he grew up with. In fact, as soon as he's a board, John pulls out his phone and fires up a nap to see how his tractor is doing. I can actually go on my app. And go to my live dashboard. And it will show me every time the trap nurse tell in the computer, the computer telling my book. It's telling him the outside temperature that is coolant is working. My field temperature, my fuel wobble, how much feel I'm consuming, how fast I'm going. Which on the one hand is kind of incredible to have all this information right there on your phone. But on the other hand, if all that is Bluetooth enabled and constantly connected to the Internet, well, someone can break into it. It's hackable. And if some bad actor got into the network, they all share. Well. If a hacker could come up with a

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