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It was twelve years ago this month that the word pizzas was eliminated. Not in general. Of course you can still use it in conversation or on the phone when you're speaking to a pizza place. But it was struck name. It was ripped from the monarch. We used to use to remember the order of the nine planets in our solar system. My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas that has mercury Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune, and Pluto. Poor Pluto, as you know. And as I'm sorry to bring up once again in August of two thousand six, the international astronaut Michael union, redefined planet hood. And Pluto. Poor Pluto did not make the cut. A lot of scientists were angry about it, and apparently they still are judging by the planet. Nine kerfuffle in twenty. Fourteen astronomers suggested a mystery planet was out there beyond Neptune affecting the orbits of some distant small planets, a quote, massive perturb in scientific parlance, and despite its inferred, enormous nece no one has actually found the massive perturb yet that found name for it though planet nine and some scientists are not at all into that in a letter published in the planetary exploration newsletter this week, those scientists argue that I, they're nowhere near convinced that Pluto the former planet nine should have been demoted at all. And second quote, given the incredible accomplishment of the discovery of Pluto by planetary astronomer, CLYDE w, Tom. Ombu in nineteen thirty..

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