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Both both days and all of that is free you come on in pay for any food you want to eat to tell me about the entertainment but can people expect where we have a couple of really really good climber band's playing and we have got the new this year is a country blues guitarist playing hello offense firing should be good now there are things for the kids to do either arts and crafts and different things and learning a bill or things they can learn the history that type thing there's some of that going around okay and tell me about to food who i'll prepare the food where does it come from and what are some of the dishes everything we do is run by volunteers so it's our volunteers that cook all the food in fact my wife is a one of the cooks and she has cooked literally tons and tons of food one of the some of the dishes people love our stuffed cabbage mhm they may we have israeli food as well as traditional over the jewish american foods these rayleigh food includes sh warmer and some philosophy we have another dish popular in israel called shock sugar which is eggs with a spicy tomato sauce is really delicious we introduced last year new and everybody really enjoyed it now are you able to come in and carry out the food yet you can order ahead on line and pick up your food when you're there and we have a delivery service just like we did last year just check our our website which is richmond jewish food festivalcom and will post the information about ordering through the website and the delivered to your house for your office.

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