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Is every every congressmen or anybody they talk to that knows stuff uh guts on tv says oh yeah there's no connection as of yet on believable unbelievable so the collision talk ongoing and newt gingrich was on sean hannity last night talking a little bit more about the collusion if you can believe that primiary here at is like the biggest news night i don't candidate like eight you haven't found anything even searching for over a year one is it gonna be quitting time in one is it gonna at one is moller which i can never see moller he's gonna come up with something like an obstruction charge or something but he's not gonna come out of there and and in president trump word the administration's gonna come out scot free no i think they're gonna they're gonna use flanders have him metaphor and guys like that is something in which is fine because while except for flynn uh put the other guy he had more connection with hillary and russia president yeltsin and then you know you worked for obama and and they have all these weird connections of these other people that okay i'm fine if they go down but don't try to put it on trump because i mean the as yet look selling absolutely i sell new gingrich was on sean hannity and talking a little everything defies the memo collusion the election and let's get to rights rents to some of the audio where he was tugging here saying there was collusion in the election newt gingrich last night well in the of two things right here that are i think fascinating the first is it turns out there may have been collusion to undermine the american presidential election by government bureaucracy nature's turns out that the bureaucracy wasn't russian it was american and that it was the department of justice senior leadership and the fbi senior leadership now that better one level is a really frightening insight about the future and about the danger of a powerful police force deciding for the rest of.

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