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For Sports Illustrated, SUV got a whole slew of different writing gigs alongside your radio career, which at this point has become sort of the hot spot for college football. SEC radio. Was that sort of, at that point? Did that feel like the pinnacle to you was there always aspiration or ambition? To, to get bigger than that. Or did it feel like you had cornered the market in this was this was enough within a year or two of the beginning of career? I, I really felt like I had to be at the New York Times by the time I was thirty I thought I was good enough as, as a newspaper reporter and confluence of things happen in never got there. So when I walked in at the time, it was the time life building in Manhattan. They've later moved them and sold. I said, this is as ING, and I, I was hired by Sports Illustrated, but I realize pretty quickly. This was not the Sports Illustrated that I grew up reading it was a shell of itself. It did not have the reach residents that it it did when, when all my favorite writers, growing up, like Dan Jenkins wrote there, I did it a couple of years. And I think I did it primarily just for myself 'cause I don't know anyone else who cared that I did it. And then ultimately I walked away around the time that I came to ESPN and. And even here, people ask me, do you want to write for the magazine, and I really didn't I, I was pretty well done with writing. And unlike a lot of people, I, I was good with it. I had done it for a long time. But I knew that I needed to put my energies into something else, but I still had dabbled in fact last year, Sarah time magazine did a cover story on the south, and they wanted me to write one of those essays that nobody reads, but it was on sports in the south, and, and I was so nervous this time magazine cover story, and I spent about two or three weeks on it, and they changed literally every word, but it didn't matter. I still got the cover framed with my name on it. And it was it was I said, you know, this might be the time to walk away. So I don't think there is any amount of prestige or money that could convince me to, to ride again. I, I think I would turn down the times, this really I, I just don't I did a book a couple years ago with Jim O hausky, and it was a blast. And, but I, I really my interests are, are in different places. Now, the practice of writing is a lot. It, it, it's an it's, it's leading and maybe in insure remember, I wrote in an era without Twitter, so you could take your time about you. You didn't have to do all the things that that the that everyone has to do now. It's a much more. It's a I think it's far more difficult to be writer today because I mean I really would I could spend time and energy and and weeks if I wanted on a project and now it's it's virtually impossible..

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