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Biden is scheduled to deliver a major foreign policy speech this afternoon at the State Department. He's expected to touch on broad issues involving the U. S role in the world. NPR's Franco Ordonez reports by May mention the military coup and Myanmar and Russia's detention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. He has already spoken out about navalny in Russia and a coup and he's looking at his options, none of which are easy, but both are going to be tests of his appetite toe work with international partners to confront these kind of issues. How buying handles them will speak to how he'll turn the page on Trump's unilateral America first approach and how strongly he'll promote democracy around the world. NPR's Franco Ordonez reporting This morning, Biden is scheduled to give remarks to the National Prayer breakfast. It's being held. Virtually it has been attended by every president since Dwight Eisenhower, A Russian journalist has been sentenced to 25 days in jail for a retweet that Russian police claim is an illegal called to protest. NPR's Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow. The Kremlin is targeting journalists amid protests over the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Sergei Smirnov is the editor of Media Zona, an online news outlet that tracks human rights violations. Police say Smirnoff broke the law with a retweet that contained the time and date of an unauthorized protests supporting Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Police detained Smirnoff Saturday while he was out for a walk with his five year old son. Scores of Russian journalists have been detained since the beginning of the demonstrations and news organizations are protesting Smirnoff's jail sentence. President Vladimir Putin spokesman has defended the case against Smirnoff. Calling it absolutely logical. Lucian Kim NPR NEWS Moscow The consulting giant McKinsey is expected to pay about $570 million Is to settle legal claims linked to its role in the nation's opioid epidemic. The deal, reported by The Associated Press and by other news outlets will be filed in state courts later today. NPR's Brian Mann prepared this report. Last year documents became public for the first time showing McKinsey worked behind the scenes for produced Pharma developing marketing plans designed to turbo charge sales of the opioid medication OxyContin long after the risks of addiction had been well documented. Mackenzie issued an apology in December. Facing a wave of lawsuits, Mackenzie has now reportedly reached a settlement with more than 40 states as well as the District of Columbia and U. S territories. Most of the $573 million payout to states will go to fund drug treatment and rehabilitation programs. Mackenzie didn't respond. NPR's request for comment. It appears that is part of this deal. The firm will admit no wrongdoing. Brian Mann NPR NEWS You're listening to NPR news. And this is W when my C in New York four minutes after eight o'clock Good morning. I'm David 1st 32 degrees now going up to 38 today with the sunny skies this afternoon alternate side parking suspended through Saturday parking meters. Are in effect. New Jersey won't be following New York's lead in allowing restaurant workers to get the covert 19 vaccine WN Y sees Cameron Yee reports. That's despite plans to expand into our dining to 35% capacity. Governor Phil Murphy says on Lee Restaurant workers with pre existing health conditions are eligible for the vaccine, and he hasn't said when the rest of the states more than 300,000 food Service employees will be able to get in line. Moncler State University epidemiologist Stephanie Silveira says. If the state is loosening into our dining restrictions, it also needs to protect workers risking their lives so others can enjoy and endure meal. We have to recognize that those individuals are not disposable. They're not simply here to make our lives easier. A new study from California shows line cooks were more likely to die last year during the pandemic than health care workers. About two thirds of New York City Council seats are up for grabs this year. W When my sees David Cruz reports campaigning is underway, including by one political action group that's looking to back up incoming leaders. The law firm closing. O'Connor is based in Philadelphia and has a lobbying office in New York. It holds regular meetings with City Council members now would still need $13,000 to several council members, including Justin Brandon, Keith Powers and Raphael Salamanca Junior who are all poised to retain their seats for another term and have expressed interest in being council speaker. The firm says his donations are small and separate statements. All three council members insisted they are not influenced by money. Dozens of New York City cultural groups are coming together to provide micro relief grants for individual artists. The Cultural Solidarity Coalition fund will give priority for the $500 grants to people of color immigrants and those who have disabilities. The initiative is backed by groups across the city. Applications will open later this month. In for more information on how to apply or donate, you can visit Cultural Solidarity fund don't work, The city has lost thousands of jobs in the art to do to the pandemic. 62% of arts and cultural.

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