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I could beat the shit out of a woman or woman could beat the shit out of me either way, they're just warping up on. Well, he's grabbing random and her though. On the ground. Go back. Go back twenty seconds watches. Tina? That's not allowed. Like a rag doll. She'll be like the resurrects or Walter Raleigh. This is what our societies devolve to. Yeah. Oh, you put your Cape down in puddle so women could walk. We've heard the puddle kind of a transmission shop his his girlfriend underage girl. Shots face. And now, we're repaying. I have to ask you about something Martin Burnett. Yes, this guy. Yeah. So I go to this party. And this guy was a special forces guy in the UK. So he's not a real special forces guy this happened this year at that. I before the party if you've been to that party now. So this guy who's CEO of MGM television six shows on the air. He's the most powerful band and show biz Mark Burnett. Yep. Yeah. He's at the top of the stairs. I get there. With a Brian Fogel whose vital be who won the Oscar for best documentary this last year for ignorance, I should schedule. He's the last minute. He says you wanna go with me this party? Are you going said, oh, everybody hates me show visits. I have the Trump show, which is just wrapped. And it's coming out of people hate me, Mark Panetta sui because all as we get this party would last people to get there and. The top of the stairs to get into the party is Mark Burnett. And he's steadied there like this at the like this look down like it was buddies. And it's a weird coincidence. And he's like that's top Arnold gonna let him into the party Bates. He's got his chest out. And I'm like fuck Puckett bark, but has to be coming to this stupid party like what like high school? I mean, he's got this is so stupid. So I started walking up the stairs with little Brian Fogel as audio who barked with Ed is like this is where the last people that party. They have the target dog sponsor the person on the red carpet with us. Ed, the dog Odie but posed with with us, it's barest. So we're walking to this party. Get gold up top stairs like fuck him. But then I'm like L fuck this. So I'm going to walk around Mark Burnett. So I start walking around at the last year he clamps out so fucking hard gazette. I didn't see him. Do it. Gunk Sean the neck. Yeah. And I go go backwards. I about fall down backwards, and I grabbed his waist bed. I go by the fucker you'd better get even with you again. So we fight fair. And as I pulled myself up Susie does this guy Jeff Probst, who's a host of survivors say by goes all we got your choking at they pull start pulling off and it pulls up to the top of the stairs. And then we get square. And then this is what people saw at the party. Hey, you fucking crazy. Then I fuck it able to open up on him. He has a gold Jesus. Shade. Open face shirt, pick was hair. Fuck jesus. Jake, get a couple of his eyes. He's like what the fuck did. I just do like he'd lost his shit to do that to me is ironically, Jeff probes wears the choker. Nobody's does. No, one looks better not ochre them. But and crazy is that. Well, there's didn't you? File a lawsuit. Get thrown out. What's on the? Here's they that his wife. Okay. So it's a scrub so people pulled off I ripped his shirt off. They take it this way. Go don't let that fucker leave that fuckers all the cops. They take me outside thing. Like this. You know, this is charity. The cops are coming. I go. Okay. Prohibit right here. Right now, we will finish this privately. They're like, oh tob. We can't do that. This is the old days fighting this. Jeff's casper. Okay. Come back yet. He's here somewhere dough kill him. Enjoy the party, by the way, that his wife tweets a picture of a fake, Bruce, Roma Downey, beloved, she's beloved Hollywood..

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