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Witness from Lake. Sammamish she pulled his picture shouted the staff at the detective had given said No. He's too old and put it back in the stack multiple contacts with the police. But it kept coming back Eric. He's not your guy. It's the winner of nineteen seventy-five and Ted Bundy's gotta find a place where there's not a lot of talk about about missing women so he heads up the mountains to Colorado. I Aspen where he finds his next victim. Karen Campbell Doc. Unearths from Michigan thirty six days later her nude body was found almost three miles away. Two months later he heads over to Vail and ends up killing twenty six year old ski instructor Julie Cunningham. He was just not gonNA stop get more relationships with dead woman by now than living women. It was all about the hunt but the hunter was about to become the hunted in Utah. Later that year he got stopped by a local cop in his car a ski mask handcuffs and pantyhose with the is cut and took him in Boston. And all of his Guy Bat put him on the radar of Utah Law Enforcement and they had this unsolved unsolved. Abduction of Carol Carol Durant came to the police station was shown a lineup and was able to identify Bundy. The personal attack was arrested and charged with the advent of Payroll Dhiraj at one point police. I didn't show you a photo of the items they found in Ted's car. How could he possibly explained that a way to you and he's tried to just brush it off of you? We need the crow bar for if I get wreck can lead to pry cars apart. I need the ski mask for shoveling snow believing he was innocent. His friends raised money for his bail while waiting for his trial. Bundy returned to Seattle to see Liz. What was that time like? Well when he first showed up at my door unannounced. I've taken aback. Poke started talking to Guinness. It's like this is ten because of our placement in his world is the only reason that we're still alive. I'm quite certain because people had their eyes on it did that thought ever cross your mind is going to kill us. No you think he was capable of murder. I mean I still believed he was innocent at that point. Listen Molly come to grips with the horrible truth truth about the man. They both loved.

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