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Between dexter. Loomis bronson read camera. Grimes isaiah swerve. Scott leon rough and ellie night. Who i wanna win elliot knight. Who is going to win. Dexter loomis which i'm so not ready for i don't. I'm kind of over dexter. i'm done. I'm going to it was it was a lightning in a bottle looking at looking at the The participants and Seen what it's going to be for. I'm going to say i a lo i want l. a. night to win. It's not going to happen. And i'm going to say that bronson read wins this odd very nice and i think he deserves it. So that's a good pick. I say i listen. I think it's in between going to be between bronson. Read and dexter lewis. I hope bronson read wins. And i hope brought we re beats gargano. I really do because I think that might happen. Because bronson read is teasing a feud with Every night and if bronson gets the belt economic that of championship feud that's money right now so that that that could work What do you think of Cameron grunge we'd be taking him serious. Yeah i think the The gimmick is over. He's a legit and he's showed that he's legit a wrestler he put. You can put a solid match together. And he's one of those guys that takes Chicken shit in terms chicken salad. So he he's he's he's he's legit and i think that has come up will become soon enough once the Deduct get cleared. Things get moved around a little bit. You see him you see him. Open up a little bit more in contention for for different things right It's a great group of guys. The only person. I don't boy person. I think that should not be in. His group is leeann rough Author should be there and It's it's sucks. I'm sorry we on a rough refund for two weeks and Now you're you're in the mid card The main carbon xc take over wrestlemania weekend. Sorry no awesome. Theory should be in this match It said that he's not We have p done versus kushida on night one. I got a pedone winning. This one. p gotta win.

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