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On offer different things in different reasons but all in a slightly hysterical way you're listening to the Latins Aid Fatima Bhutto we took it a new work of nonfiction new kings of the world these patches were Bollywood these cable up and move on to Turkey that we'll talk about deasy yes that's where boating told many times uh what is well they're essentially what we think of a soap operas except that there are two they are two hours and humidity long on average they come with their original scores with as many as fifty characters in a show they'll set across histories there are many Ottoman Sultan epics and at the same time that will be epochs about women prison today in Turkey they cover quite serious issues such as honor abuse one of the most popular dizzy show called Fath- moghul essentially what is fuck moguls and was about the gang rape of a young woman a young woman by several rich man so they're quite hefty this subject a lot of them are based on on works of literature very respected works of literature adapted for the screen and today the talks a second only to the Americans in terms of Oh by television distribution that surprised me actually I I didn't really know very much about it before writing the book Netflix search and they're absolutely is growing and growing Netflix even producing its own original disease the not just buying the shows that are making the rose and they've been going for quite a while not a new project they've obviously existed in Turkey for a very long time but they broke out essentially through the Middle East it happened one go and the early two thousands that few shows massive attention across the Middle East and from daily that is a spread today they're the biggest century everywhere except the English speaking world let's just take a step back and I wanNA talk about the attempted suppression surjit of our some in Pakistan to the point where the Turkish he started to pay yes I mean very interesting case because Bison has a very rich history when it comes to television theater on the periods it's is at its brightest in the nineteen seventies eighties when Pakistan was under its darkest Arab dictatorship under the backed General Zia ul Haq who brutalized society through my censorship arrests executions floggings and what happened at that time is that incredibly nuance television serials started air on state television they're they're not never ending the maybe ten episodes of twenty episodes written in very beautiful poetic were you acted by proper theater professionals and they tackled the issues of the day they tackled feudalism tackled not injustice and they did it in such a way that it was almost impossible to catch them insensitive of course they tried but they really flourished that period and even traveled outside of Kasane very popular in India and have always been popularly do and beyond and under another dictator some decades later Roll Pervez Musharraf there was an opening up of private television channels and media outlets so television licences became quite cheap became four businessmen to to buy them people did and you need something to put on TV so the work of cereals again kicks off and you have a lot of original programming combat back just as it was picking up steam by some gets hit with Turkish dizzy and the reason part of the reason of these excess is that if you are let's say Lithuania it's cheaper for your station to buy existing took a show that to make Lithuania drama buying the rights so that happens in bags on again the wildfire to the point that television channels stopping original programming throwing it off midair midseason and putting Turkish shows on deep fair the baggage that is pretty hard they fought back and and they have made some very popular television dramas and they'll net flicks too by the way now but but the talks really came through in a big way and partly they come through for the reason that these are shows again centered around the family the centered around moral and ethical crises they are a blend of tradition and modernity in a way that is I think done with mobility than buddy because the maternity is not a mimicry of the west necessarily but it's a Turkish version of of that modernity in Bollywood you might hear a lot of English right here what we call mingle ish or English smattering you will hear nothing but Tukish in Turkish shows they're very proud shows they had some trains unfortunately thought they are they are bound by conservative values in the same way that would might be so they don't Donald Trains but you know there's a show called forbidden love giving anything away here to say that you spend at least live episodes trying to figure out who's love is forbidden because everyone's love looks forbidden and the couple of the forbidden love boat still episode I don't know thirty and every visit a two hour long so so they are still bound by a set of conservative values and the other thing that's quite interesting to me is a bollywood film there will always be an in flag there will always be patriotic slogans a man who also now more so now much more so now but always consistently anyone walks into a government office or school or and the speech end with a sort of patriotic kind of ending in the Tokyo shows flags no snow clearing but they're very nationalistic shows it just more nuanced I think but at the same time the the judge in Pakistan just before those coming there was also political changes in Turkey which enabled this to happen what happened well. What's what connects all three of these spaces act? they all undergo neoliberal reforms at the same time on what those neoliberal reforms do is in opening up their markets to essentially American business so foreign business it fractures it fracture something society and all these countries we know from watching near liberal reform was put in place that it disenfranchises populations hugely again who benefits is a small lead all these countries go through this approximately same time and it's approximately at that time that these industries ramp up and go into a different gear Korea might be the more interesting version ah because they really run the same with with Turkey Turkey opens up in a certain way it has now new demands new demands of the market is to produce more has to sell more and it's not enough to just work within your own borders now you must conquer the world and I think it drives a lot of what we're seeing today it drives a lot of what we're seeing today I said earlier I wouldn't have included India if I was reading the book today I would have included China instead because they're going to be the most ferocious I think they're going to be the most aggressive when it comes to push culture out and it's only beginning you mentioned that Turkish television producers diamonds look to the accident uh-huh Asian Switzerland bill and tend to work in studios to have done straight and the hands and you actually win visited sets of a remake of the Godfather River. never know what actually if I can recommend a show I would recommend that show it's called sugar which into the pit and it's essentially adaptation of the Godfather but sets in an Istanbul ghetto and it's the story of a family I mean down to there's a brother like Fredo there's the father like the corleones there's of course the son like Michael doing something accepts he's never got exactly that's one of the rules see but your hero will never fire a gun he will not be violent I think that's quite fascinating industry especially in the ultraviolet world we live in today and what they did is they the producers of this show and they're just one of the two biggest the two huge production houses and token there produced by one of them they took over this neighborhood and double ballot and they renovated some of the interiors they pay the locals to act as extras and they film on the road and I'm what was quite interesting that there's a there's a sign there's a sort of graffiti sign that represents these warring factions in the show and when you walk through this with it it spray painted all over the place and I asked one of the art directors instead of you done this and he said no people just caught only themselves now and the day I was visiting is that there was a a Chinese stringer from news agency reporting that were tourists with their inner selfie sticks taking pictures near the actor Turks just a little about okay pop before we finish more than cinema and stay daisy which obviously take it forms artistic forms from the West.

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