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Three point is a full. And when i came off the bench steph. Curry hit a couple. Tobias harris was secretly very very good also in this game they just got contributions river on and even a couple of times so tobias harris kind of entree young another big longer stronger guy and not just a little bit a little bit more difficult for trae young to get into his slow numbers. Were fine what he finished with. Twenty points and nine assists but it did not feel like he had much of an impact on this game at all. But none of the hawks really did. I didn't think. I didn't think anyone was sort of in that moment where it was like. They can sort of do this. I don't think it got closer than eight to ten points. And the hawks gallinari had what happened three that he claimed they sort had chances but it was like even when they did it. Felt like the sixers name would rattle off three or four straight baskets in a row and and they had these games so yeah. This is a massive game for the hawks tonight because they staring at a dushi. We didn't think that was probably gonna be the way it was going to be one. The hawks were looking great. I i really think. I figured it out but then i think doc rivers is also realized like danny green. No one's happy that the guys injured but they've got the personnel that can replace him. I thought i found out of this game. But i i'm not sure if he starts him i guess he probably does in in tonight's game but clearly if you can get in trae young's face and just make life difficult for him. It makes it difficult for the entire hawks offense and what they finished with one hundred and ten or something like that. But this game was not close to the sixers won this rump. Even though the margin was only sixteen at the end it was never even really that close. Yeah tasks like i said. Some of us were down. There were hanging out with some hawks pros and even they were like sort of saying. Hey we beat the knicks. You know they were still riding. That wave of like. We had trayvon quieting the msg crowd. I mean i don't wanna say. They've given up on their hawks. I would never say that about the hawks pros but it does. Even i could feel from them. It's like i don't think we can slow especially embiid let alone some of these other guys and being just goes to the line time and time again and they're like they're fouls because he's a monster. It's like what are you going to do. You went to the line. Sixteen times in game three. He's been to the to the line like twenty five percent of his offensive possessions in this playoffs. That's a crazy amount. But it makes sense when you're a guy and everybody's just go inside of me and go inside. They can't stop. You doesn't look it for the hawks but he had a quiet twenty seven and this one. I mean that. Was those quiet for him. Yeah they definitely can't stop and they decide to double. I just want to have watch team. That obviously had a new game plan. Hey we're going to double and be get it out of his hands. But then at the other end. I don't know if the lights are a little too bright for this young hawks team but they just didn't know who they were on the other really. I didn't. I didn't think that those guys stepped up offensively enough and ben simmons. Yeah put his foot down in one quarter had eleven point third quarter and that was that the hawks had no life in them. I thought the most entertaining part of the game for me was i was at the bar getting a drink and there was a man with a sort of a small suitcase said call. It was a large handbag full of cash that he was paying for drinks within everybody around. It was really enjoying that. That's a land base. So that was happening you know. The crowd cheered a little bit and and the sixers were a little pissed off that this happened. They cheered when embiid down with an injury. Or is limping. You know i was trying out. Shush the crowd flashbacks to the raptors fans cheering. Kevin durant went down in game five of the twenty nine hundred finals. Fans do that. It's unfortunate but fans do do that and that's really the only way the series is is turning. Feels like just the hawks. Yeah they just. They showed absolutely no life and it is unfortunate what happened. I think i think it really is even for the hawks boroughs. The lights are a little too bright. I mean i think that's just part of it. They just they just weren't in a flow and and yeah the hawks bros. Took me back again to the raptors. Two thousand one. They're they're extremely excited. That they wanna in madison square garden in round one just like the raptors did in two thousand one in game. Five win alvin williams. Hit that shot i was. I was driving with the hawks bros. on that one. Yeah man. that's it you're gonna win round one and that's about it been there done that but Yeah i i thought we saw game one. what happened. they just couldn't recoup regroup. I guess from from the sixers giving it to them in game two the they just they just weren't able to and it's just. It's unlikely right that they do that in game. Four here the sixers have every ounce of momentum right bead thirty nine and nine in game one trae followed that up with forty and thirteen in game two and then yeah a quiet. Twenty seven nine eight assists talking about those eight assists and three blocks in game three and i think if ben simmons is on on in game one of the series. I'm not this. Might be a sweep. If i'm being completely honest but we're here. They could hit a million threes tonight. And who knows what does it could be two to three. I just think it's unlikely with the way embiid's operating trae well. The hawks don't have anybody to the sixers three best players. And that's gonna be a problem because embiid can every single time he gets the ball or they double 'em and then they get a good shot from tobias harris. Like you said trae young doesn't really stand a chance against ben simmons when he's engaged in aggressive trying to score inside. The sixers are really good basketball team and they got taken off guard. I think in round one. They had a pretty easy first round series against the wizards whereas the hawks came in plan hype off. That nick series came out. Hit a ton of threes in game. One got the win. That's the recipe for the hawks. Getting another win in this series is hitting eighteen to twenty three so that you can kind of out math the philadelphia seventy sixers but this series is over. It's just a matter of if it'll be five or six games depending on how hot the hawks are shooting. We've got tweeted the knight's still..

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