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Out won't you or call and have us make a big order for you that you can come and pick up and take for the entire office seven one three nine nine nine one thousand seven one three nine nine now one thousand coming out your faster commute from the Gulf coast windows dot com traffic center this report is sponsored by Toyota of Katie dot com it's only at Toyota certified Toyota from Toyota Acadian get complimentary all changes entire rotations for as long as you own your car could have Katie dot com if it's a deal you taste synnex elected in may said it's only at Toyota of Katie now the latest news weather and traffic newsradio seven forty Katie our age I heart radio station the Gulf coast should be prepping for a storm Marjorie Martin at seven o'clock on newsradio seven forty KJRH what traffic and weather together here's taking London you're the mainland accidents of clear a Nortel linguistic reads point that's all gone they've also clear the west and north on accident before central plaza two ninety sounds a little bit slow there too well but they just cleared up that road debris that is sold vehicle is gonna be blocking the right lane southwest freeway northbound at Elgin okay London in the Gulf coast windows dot com at twenty four hour traffic center we continue to monitor that area of low pressure in the northern Gulf of Mexico national hurricane center for casting it to potentially become a tropical storm Thursday maybe even a hurricane on.

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