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You started there earlier would this be a different conversation. All right and our final topic is yes horrible immigration update. I mean. I'm sorry you guys we do this. We feel really bad about you. Know bringing you this really depressing depressing news and honestly this morning. I had a very hard time waking up. Which is why I went to the gym? So we're GONNA start with the latest story from PROPUBLICA on Thursday. They obtained tena video where Guatemalan migrant teen. He's sixteen years old gotTa Lose Gaudio. MANDATES BASCUS CAN PAS discrepancy this Gunson. He's in border patrol custody and he ended up dying in May is just so horrible he was seriously ill. He was forced to stay in a concrete holding holding cell without medical care. The video shows his last hours as he's clearly in need of medical attention and then he ends up collapsing and lying on the floor floor for hours and he died Saito. I'm just like overseas sixteen years. Old Guard on sage. You know so it's like the guards didn't even fucking know that he was dead until his cellmate told them the next morning. The video evidence is completely opposite of House He. BP reported his death because they lied and such a sad story but also there was another story that happened that was co published by The New York Times times and propublica talking about McKinsey and Company the consulting firm BOO. There's these new documents. They were uncovered boo hiss. Yeah I know they were working with ice to help detain immigrants now. It's important to note that Mackenzie started this work. Under the Obama Administration Ooh not surprised too but after trump was elected the trump administration directed the firm to focus on stopping illegal immigration quote unquote so McKinsey consulted on ice. They had these meetings on how to cut costs on immigration detention owning which included like food medical care and beds the McKenzie contract with ice ended. July two thousand eighteen eighteen. But here's the thing. They just signed a new contract to work with CBP custom's and border protection. It's worth up to eight point. Four million dollars. It's GonNa run until September twenty twenty and one of their priorities for. CPI that they listed was literally just wall. Shame name on you Mackenzie for so many level. Absolutely Mackenzie says that. They're all about efficiency stunned. That's a stupid point to make in terms of the wall is one one of your goals because you know that the wall is completely inefficient. So fuck you and also the people who work at Mckinsey I am talking to you and and if you have family who works at Mckinsey they need to understand that the death of sixteen-year-old cuddles Gaudio at amandus baskets can pass. This can say you need to think about what your role is in that. Because you don't have to work at a place that does this kind of work. So Mackenzie oh who also happens to be the company. Yeah that current twenty twenty presidential candidate Pete. Buddha judge worked for right out of college for three years right. It's like the most predictable you graduate from Harvard. And you go work for McKinsey. No I know so. Many friends because -sulting route. If people don't know they literally come come to campus and you know everyone everyone wants to work for these consulting firms. You're absolutely right money. It's kind of like a machine it but it's so predictable. Yeah like like it's like the thing you do. is you go work for McKinsey but check this out. Because of confidentiality agreements. We actually can never know the nature of mayor. Pete's work at McKinsey did take him to Iraq and Afghanistan and he received large campaign donations from McKinsey Alumni and employees which. He said he wasn't going to return. Because it's a separate issue but you know what I'm saying. Mr Mayor People to judge is if your company that you worked for and that people work for four is cutting services to teenagers who are sick and immigrant detention and shouldn't even be held then escaped yellow. The NOLA wear this because because I'm not going to drop another f-bomb but okay but you know what one thing that you should note about. Buddha jazz. Several immigration rights groups have released a letter this week asking the Buddha judge campaign to return those donations and like I said it's like he says it's a separate issue the campaign. I don't know if he's going to return them or not. But this whole all notions of these consultants sitting down whether it's on a conference call or face to face with immigration enforcement and saying well you know maybe if you lower or the food or you can gain these efficiencies. I don't want to say you know. History has taught us a lesson but there's so many companies are being complicit within private companies that are being complicit with immigration enforcement. There's gotta be something that needs to happen from this but let's put this all in context Maria because this new you. UN report called the global study on children deprived of liberty. You ready for this media. The report found that seven million children are deprived of their liberty around the world. It was published last month. There was the thirtieth anniversary of the convention of the Rights of the child which is an international treaty which is the most ratified. UN when treaty ever but. Hey guess what guys the one country that hasn't ratified this convention. Any guesses any guesses out there. The United States of America the world's greatest democracy where human rights are respected Yup So let's listen to this clip from an interview on democracy. Now that dropped this week with the lead author the UN report whose name is Manfred Nowak more than seven million children that are deprived of liberty. Most of them in your kind of institutions fusion's but those in the administration of Justice immigration detention and every of discharges too much because convention. The rights of the child is very clear it it says that probation of liberty of children will only be allowed as a measure of last resort. So it means that we have to do much. More states primarily have too much much more in order to reduce two children by means of diversion by Stopping immigration detention because it is never a measure of last resort. Always violates L. listed convention but also do establish Special Children Courts to apply K ready for this. The United States is the country with the highest number of children held in migration detention in the entire world. That's what's been so hard about this particular week that we think that that we live in the world's greatest democracy where human rights are respected. And you know we're watching as these things are happening. I mean it is a time of urgency in this country in the world yes but in this country and so you know this is a moment. That's why it was so hard. People are in concentration camps. Children are in concentration. Camps and capitalist organizations like McKinsey are making sure that they are being given the least amount of Our tax dollars to take care of them. I feel like we should at least and this conversation with a little bit of hope. We have to know because we can't give up in other words in Los Otros. Yeah all of us. Who are listening to this? We are the privileged ones we are the privilege ones and so the question is what are you going to do part of it is. He's taking care of ourselves and withdrawing. I understand that you know the boxing the getting. Yeah I just hope that every single one of the people who are listening are doing doing something going to make this stop. Yeah who do you. What are you looking forward? 'cause this is GonNa be our last. Itt Sound off together. That's right you're traveling. Yeah you what. I'M GONNA end this on a happy note and I'm GonNa do it with that tweet that you tweeted out Thursday because for tuna media which is the company that you founded that produces leases in the thick that produces Latino USA that produces Latino rebels and photo studios now and there was a picture that one of our colleagues took of guys had holiday party in Harlem. I was traveling but I was virtually watching it and the picture of joy of seeing all these amazing colleagues that we have who who do the work every day who believe in the mission we gave me so much hope in so much love and pride in the work that we do and I just want to thank you before the end of the year. We're oh so there. Thank you We had a great time and I am so thankful for all of the people who work with us here at full Doodo media. We try. Try to make the work that we do. It's not only important obviously in life changing for a lot of you but we try to do it with a lot of love and we try to bring that into the office so thank you. Julio for bringing so much edged joy and love and laughter into my life and into the life of in the fake and I'll see you in two thousand twenty four our next. It sound off but we'll be doing other there show. It's just the last sound of that. I'll I'll be with you. Yeah all right I'm mighty wholesome and I'm Julia Lorella..

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