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You don't have your own jet you're nobody i just wanted to say that and justify draws the number one position in the triple crown chase at the belmont stakes on saturday carbohydrate you like more horses have won the belmont stakes from the one post than any other position i hope he wins it i always root for the triple crown to happen i always want them to beat those horses that sit out the preakness and then come back and try to steal it so i hope that they come here's the deal mafia and carbon triple g cannella is over that's off talks have ended oscar dale has walked away from it now the fight is danny jacobs against kanalelo on september fifteenth at t mobile arena in vegas it looks like they'll finalize that fight it would appear to me as soon as possible within a week 'cause they're not they're not gonna fight gonzalo and triple j never fighting again after all that ever all that drama and the fact that he wants a fifty fifty split triple g and dade kanalelo an oscar think they're bigger than triple g it's a funny thing to maybe if there's anyone on the face of the earth that can sell me canelo alvarez won that fight that that was a draw right he did not he did not win that fight not only did he now in there it wasn't a droid or triple g kicked his ass nfl that fight was fixed that was a joke that decision and the fact that they aren't fighting to solve it it's because they know triple kick disase it's not about anything else he doesn't wanna fight him because he beat his ass it's all a lie and then the failing the drug test thing we already know he cheats now so who cares what he says are you ever gonna listen to that guy again tell you about he doesn't cheat when he got busted eating he said he ate bad meat in magical i mean like are you kidding he cheats he uses that's all there is to it and now he's gonna fight danny jacobs our buddy from brooklyn but nobody gives a rat's ass about him either jags is a great fighter but.

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