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It was a long time on. They show because of the fact they showed me how things work shall be pulling systems shelby. Everything and it was an extraordinary time. But i put the working and i think you know if you use the aces somebody else's modality a it might not quite be correct but be minute being keeping if you're speed with you'll stall seats family way of working because they won't dumb i said well. Yeah i want you to work in a different way. I want to show you. Oh no. i'm uses biology. Okay well on. They won't push you. You know so to me is pretty important thing to put in the world to understand gifts lucid meditation trump sh- wannabe be cool and learn. You'll gifts kazakhs what you do. That's not in somebody else's. That's i think that's really pull. I couldn't agree more. I couldn't agree more. And i'm just going to repeat what you said. Maybe in a different way but part of the journey of growth is exploring investigating. Improvisation i said Was saying the other day. I was trained in transcendental. Meditation with my parents when i was thirteen years old which is a little strange but nonetheless. That's my life. And i remember the teacher saying now lexus. Don't tell anyone your mind mantra and even at that age. I had the gumption to say. I'm gonna tell everybody 'cause it doesn't mean a thing way i'm not i'm not at all Criticizing tm. but i just felt implicitly that this was mind developed my own way the team. Tm gave me the springboard to take the journey in different directions to this day. I'm trying different approaches in meditation. None of which i read. I take them in intuitively. I get the directions intuitively Hermit remind shared some of the key to my mouth. I think that's just important to do. There's an improvisational. And maybe it's not improvisational. Maybe we're getting directions from our if we're starseed's from our star seed origin not is saying right so yeah it's fascinating versus about downloads. United states earth. This these things are just that you know it's incredible. Yeah there's a blueprint. I think that we're that we're acting on without are even realizing that it's a blueprint. We're just doing it. So maybe that's what intuition is it's actually our individual while it's individual blueprint so guitar about this deaf forever journey have you and i know it won't be the last time if you'll grace us with your presence again. We'd love to have you back. Christopher macaluso look to bless your heart thanks so much. Thank you absolutely wonderful. It's it's great and we're gonna continue this conversation. We are going. Yes to the patriot official. After show. we're gonna be talking about reptilians gonna be talking about reptilians. Listen i'm going to put this plug in Again are you familiar with qh. Tea and delores cannon christopher yes okay..

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