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Conditions visit our website at good feet Milwaukee dot com come in and try the good feed feeling to day comfort energy performance and pain relief at the good feed store for any kind of large get together whether it's for family or business call Marty's pizza for great catering pizza pasta sobs Italian dishes sells more Marty's pizza book field Delafield or Marty's pizza dot net this is Wisconsin tourism secretary Serra meaning with some outdoor events for your weekend the luck of the Irish is in Milwaukee for Irish fast the world's largest celebration of Celtic music and culture enjoy sixteen stages of music ranging from traditional Irish to the contemporary sounds of Ireland which shopping Celtic cuisine I respawning events and more there's something for everyone it's high flying fun it's sore on the shore in algo mas watch colorful tights both big and small take flight over crescent beach bring the whole family to make beach mosaics chase sweets from the heights candy drop or watch outdoor artists paint the beauty of Lake Michigan there's corn as far as the eye can see at the sweet corn festival in sun prairie time seemed in ready to eat for wrapped up ready to go this festival serves up more than eighty tons of corn get a bird's eye view of the festival with helicopter rides over angel part for more we can find in the order of freeze spring and summer events guide visit trouble Wisconsin dot com or call one eight hundred four three two tracks award winning.

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