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Fame's. Are you just like? Well, he only when you're on podcast, but you're like my friend Phil is coming, you know, and I and I had to kind of get it out of you that and I freaked out and when he showed up Phil Hoffman holy shit. It was like he was a guy who. Yeah. I looked up to and all that. And we went to see this movie. It's kind of a dumb movie that shark movie, and Tim Allen was laughing, you know, and then fill would laugh, every time Tim laughed. It was so I found myself, just watching film Tim, and they were making other laugh because they're laughing at how bad it was. That's right. And then yeah, you're right. We went out to Elkin Padre afterwards and Sam to the thing that you do with me often, which is set me up for impressions, which I love doing, and you had me do it for Phil. And when I first and I was too, I was too chicken shit to do it when you first did it. When you said I fill at you. He does a great impression you. It's awesome. My god. It's so yes. So, okay. So the, the, the film pression was, yeah. I do remember what it was. It was is Mark Wahlberg and him in. But, you know it was that scene where he gets the car fill gets the car and he wants to impress Sigler. He ends up crying in the car. So, you know, when I talk in idiot. But when, when you so good, I remember when I did it. I, I was afraid to do it first, and then we were drinking so much to Keeler. To the point where I just I launched into it on solicited. I remember you rely, I came out of nowhere. And I was just like all right. I'll do it do it and I started I started the impression court or like I would miss you. Stonefaced wasn't he was at the table was laughing and Phil was kinda stone, face and years later. He claims he claimed he wasn't he, he said, I thought it was funny. But at the time I remember him saying that's just me from boogie nights. That's talk. And then I, I to redeem myself remember doing 'cause fill is very close to he's very close to Ted LeVine, variance. I same register shoe gripping fan person, put the lotion Levin in of the land, or is it Levin all the time. Ted LeVine, sisal Bunin others things. I have I've worked with him. I'm trying to think. I mean a little bit. I'd have to go back. I saw a movie called Georgia with Jennifer Jason Leigh, and he I saw right after silence of the lambs, and he plays like a very kind of like been nine stay at home, dad right part, and it's so creepy. These got lines shit at you like you're listening. I put junior Janina because she didn't eater desert. And, and Tommy was able to I read them a bedtime story and I talked him in and it's like, oh, get away, the, the signs of lambs LEGO put in the basket song. Did you maybe played it for him? Oh, really? He'd never heard. He loved it. And so he's okay with that Buffalo Bills, solely cool. He knows you know, it's, it's, it's sort of I I'm sure it haunts him a little bit. He I actually he was Jesse James to single shot. That's right. And he's a great guy, and we had to flip this calf and single shot. And he was able to do it. I think I was only able to do it like maybe once and use it here he lives on a farm. Oh, so he's, he's that guy. Yeah. He had heard that he couldn't get work for a while after signs is true. Yes, what I had heard. But you then he was on monk and Jesse. That's right. He was Jesse James. Yeah. Typecast. Probably. Yeah. Do you remember? There's I remember dropping you off for the in for Jesse James, my brother and I dropped you off. Forget, this is one of the, you know, one of the great the actors..

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