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And sean strickland this past saturday night and as i was reading it i clearly saw hall and strickland amongst ten. Believe with a six month Six months medical suspension. You know now. Of course. I read this before sharp. What's up. And i know that that's just kind of like a provisional. That's just what they initially give you. You can get clearance from a doctor if something starts to heal up sooner rather than later so i was actually engaging with somebody on our mma junkie inner a instagram page in. That's instagram dot com slash anime junkie dot com spelled out. There's no way he's got a suspension Actually we're talking about something else and i. I have pointed to this us not into see a few days ago sean. Strickland was given a six months suspension. But yet the afc rankled Verbally agreed on. Uc to sixty eight on november six. Oh that must mean that things are already in the works and Sean strictly Get clearance sooner rather than later and so you know. of course. we want to adhere to that If the athlete isn't cleared but most of the times the athlete can get cleared. And it's the suspension isn't as long as originally thought so little learning lesson there but Goes you nailed it. Rockall doesn't take this fight like maybe to struggling invites ago restrict is now won a couple and he's actually making headlines sometimes negative negative reasons but he's producing good work inside the octagon so now rock all it becomes back and he'd beat strickland. They'll go okay he's back. He beat strickland strickland carries more. Weight is strictly beats rockall than yeah even better for for Sean strickland because to get over on the former champion of two major belts that would be tremendous on the heels of the europol in tremendous year for sean stricter. Limit your take on something. Because it's something we talked about on spending back. You weren't on spending back clip this week. Fighters are in the news more and more for the things that they say than the things they do in the cage and good examples of that our conor mcgregor. And now sean strickland where a lot of people are on. These guys might be going over the line. Even for an edgy sport. What do you think about that. We are on a run. That's for sure you know strickland talking about the the meth lab and in cooking. He wasn't anime and then he actually wants to kill somebody man dark dark dark and he actually says yeah. I know i am not denying that. But that on the heels of you know mcgregor. That's still didn't sit right with him. Going at habib's dad you know habib said evil outside good always beats evil after. Abc's beat mcgregor the second time around and so then. The gregor used an analogy weeks later. Remember folks on recovery. He's probably got paying bills going on. I don't know what kind of depression may be And i'm not trying to make an excuse for sure. But i just think he that i think habib nailed it. I'll read you what he said. But i think it was just one of those like i'm just going to be dumb Because the spotlight isn't on him. You know he's he doesn't move that needle like he used to do. And when you have power ego that's stuffed except even if you log on and go. How much do i have again. Oh five hundred million. Okay cool but you know. I used to move the needle. i think. that's that means more of them. You know these powerful rich people. And he doesn't have that so he likened oh if good always beats evil than was covert good in your dad evil which is terrible so terrible analogy and it's just a terrible thing to say especially when a connor had actually given really nice condolences to hubby. When her father passed some nice things. About habib's dad be mark that he made on the sport training. Great athletes who became champions in great fighters. It was very respectful and classy last year. When do monop- normally passed away and now the just throw that up and that's deleted so yes goes. I believe that fighters are just i. I don't see anything with that. I prefer just Knock your ass out. You know and yeah. Maybe i'm too old school. You know you even your mom's not gonna recognize you want to send you home. I get that that's funny gonna regular. You can be all locked up with bruises. Putz lose at other facilities octopus guy kick disaster. I get that right But you can become a calling. Somebody's wife aho likening talking about somebody's deceased father. Talking about killing somebody. Unnecessary in sean. Strickland's already on the map because of his actions because of he's looking asked he's doing good. You know two years ago off motorcycle or or crashed. I don't remember the details but was motorcycle. Accident fucked up his leg but now he's back. He's on a win streak. He's doing good and yeah i get it. I mean maybe. I could stomach the whole this is. Why would be doing if not for this. It's not good for the kids but you know but death don't do that now. This'll be a chance to go straight. Into what i wanted to get into that. He'll be off. Just never let us down. Girls he really.

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