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Three o'clock. I'm Susan Witkin our top story. There's questions about a possible. Warning that happened before the highlands ranch shooting over the details after traffic and weather together with John Morrisey. Good afternoon. John good afternoon. Susan looks like you've got a really really busy drive this afternoon. Ain't no rain. Got a lot of clouds still maybe they'll get out of here by the weekend of a right now is just a pretty decent drive of very crowded though around the metro area. We got two big problems, including a crash eastbound thirty six hundred for church ranch that was just called out sound like it's in the left lanes. Expect delays seeing you built in and slowdown back to a group field. And then northbound I twenty five very heavy into downtown starting right around downing that because of a crash past Alameda, there's also record Bellevue and Santa Fe, but you're going to find all the highways really loaded up. Whether it's not a big issue. This afternoon is just kind of a gloomy drive. But hey, it's Friday. This report is sponsored by the com. Indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions that sort of you communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more than indeed dot com slash higher. Next update at three fifteen KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather. Partly sunny and nice chilly this afternoon compared to yesterday, but still staying below normal for this time of year, highs in the mid fifties after about three pm, would you have a chance. For a few showers or thunderstorms. The best chance for areas south of interstate seventy and especially area south and southeast to see four seventy gradually clearing skies tonight to thirty six tomorrow, mostly sunny, we climb up into the sixties once again tomorrow afternoon, there is the chance for a couple of showers and a few thunderstorms, but sunny and dry for mother's day near seventy from CBS forum Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM fifty-six degrees in Broomfield. It's fifty two in centennial. There are new questions over possible warning ahead of the highlands ranch. School shooting police are taking a look at a letter that was warned of possible violence. Those concerns were voiced by a parent who called a.

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