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Hannah Montana Instagram count. Right. I don't know about this. He can give playing dumb with me. And I just don't. Tour. I've been in the dark on a lot of things. What is it just Hannah Montana? Yes, she's got an Instagram account. And so everyone's like well, and then she got the haircut. And did that like I win the ten years challenge thing? So wait, there's only thirty thousand followers is that the one I don't know. I just saw it. It's Hannah Montana to Graham, but then there's a Hannah Montana Instagram, but has two hundred eighty two dollars in no posts will. I don't know. I just saw that. There was a new Hannah Montana Instagram, and then your sister all the sudden had the Hannah Montana hair, and I'll not a wig. It's her hair. It's insane. So it's just to bring it back. It's fine. Hilarious. Dude. The Jonas brothers are coming out with music Hannah, Montana's neck, what year is it. I don't know, man. I don't know. And I was watching so at the venue last night, they had MTV playing on the t- on the screen TV in the green room. And it was like an is like a stage like on the beach like the live concert series. And I couldn't tell if. It was like the nineties reruns. Or if it was today. That's how blurry the lines are right now with the way the girl is dressed the way. Everybody else was dressed the beach. Like it looked like the free ninety s but it was our Larsen. So it was today. My mind do fascist coming back around. I didn't even know MTV the beach on the beach concerts anymore. Look the lit DJ looks super lit. You got any faith things going on right now. What I I I wanna get that book. Did you finish the out the outsider? Yeah. I of get that. I'm reading a book right now. But I'm not done with it. And I can't decide if I love it or not. So I need to wait till I finish it. So I'm going to hold off on that 'til next week. I don't know if I do what do what do you have? I can tell you some favorite things about the cities. I've been in you, I want to hear some faith things. Did he want to? So Chicago last night. That's where we had the car shoot of wells and atoms big finished cog or what I mean. All my. My my favorite bar in Chicago is called federalists. And we went there last night. And I love it. Because if you've been there you get shots in there in a little glass of ice, you take the shot needs throw it against the wall. And you're supposed to hit the Bill, and we were all doing it last night and everybody was wasted. Nobody at the Bill at me 'cause I was sober. That's counterintuitive is taken shots. You're taken shots your wasted. No. I know. But I I'd actually didn't take the shot. I made clear take the shot and then the glasses law. That's still gets do that the rules. No, drums. No that. No one noticed until today. Rewatching the video they were like, wait Brandon's even take the shot. You you don't take shots at all. They just really sent me over the edge. Dude. I got it man. I'll tell you. I'll tell you favorite thing in terms of drinking, Sarah, and I went to Malibu wines by the ballot. Winds burned down right like or the or the zoo is everything they had like evacuate the draft. And it was like freaking out about it. But there's like the the Malibu, beer and wine garden. That's the thing..

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