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Actions on those c strucks that represent your program and as you said on lenox you can read any processes memory which is important because this is what you're gonna do you're looking at this ruby interpreters memory and you're looking specifically at the stack that is the ruby interpreter side of things your ruby code executing you know as time goes on in c code in these c strucks and do i have it right so far is that right yeah okay and so you pointed out this is really important that in lenox you can read any processes memory because otherwise you wouldn't be able to do any of this that we just mentioned although i wonder so if i'm looking at this memory as my in this is an in memory section where my program is executing isn't this just like changing all the time because programs like change pretty fast because they're executing yeah so this is a great point i think i still haven't completely resolve this there basically two is to purge the fact that programs are changing all the time i'm one thing you can do is when you profile the program you can stop it and be like okay stop going to figure out what you're doing and then i'm going to start again this is the way it is a provider that works very similarly to have my brother works on it's called pie flame it's really great if you're interested in python profiler is you should definitely check it out and that's what it does it it'll your python program figure out what's doing it then started again very prefer currently does not do this it basically just gets into a race and is like okay i bet i could figure out what your stock is faster than light contains it and basically the vet it's making is ruby is not that fast and that its faster and this seems to work at most of the time i think i'm going at an option to stop the program because i think it doesn't totally got all the time but but in general like i think ruby python programs don't change your stack that often compared to like half asked you can.

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