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Nico told him to leave the torch. I couldn't actually find what the correct answer was. So I don't know if just by go-to wrong or if they told us, but we might have lost out in the first round. If we were in this competition who had tickets to the finale because it was a trick question. The answer was never had to slam extinguished. I love that. I love the. I mean it would be true, bios draft fashion, right? Completely like shade its own customers by saying, look at you dumb, dumb. You gotta wrong. Like to be like in what episode, Brad, wrestle, Monica during a reward challenge. Yeah, I do think that I also wouldn't put a pass by who have just got the question wrong because I know what the answer was actually meant to be, but anything's possible. I also want to say that I've asked people to go follow by traffic. I knew the handles not good, but I'm requesting it. They keep putting out polls and look, the engaged with the polls isn't great. They had they had a poll on like war potent loyalty, both strategy, early twenty one votes, and one of them was amazed. So come on guys. Let's get, let's get following miss getting gauging with these polls, getting gauging with the account. This great account and under reported story is at an all these very shady tweets. I have to mention they always have the contestants. So. Tweeted Odio Faye, no sub tweeting that is hard core, but you know what they are. They're come. They're showing how Agra they are in saying like, yeah, cold you out. What are you going to do about it? I love it. Okay. It's shady again as we get to the game. Oh, yes, please. Okay. Here is the first route and I'm going to point out that a lot of the tweets had the is emoji like the one where it's like looking at you. So when I say is that's what I mean. This was number one around one is a movie on t. is movie when John Mike wedge on things he is safe, they tag. That one going on. Number two. That is a great attitude. John. It's a pity that you've had all the food and support from Zona more than a munity. Okay. All right. No, is among g there I noticed. Yes, but they detect. The ones is good for the soul, but bias is good for the mind. Gotta stay focused. Loss, why this can be the boost the cough ways need to push them to the finish line. Also, do you remember when Tom proposed he's reward to John one? If she'll be introduced as his island wife emoji. Oh, that last one sounds fun. I I I would imagine it's not over the two hundred eighty character limit though. Right? That's what got me in trouble a couple of weeks ago. I cannot confirm what deny. Ooh. Okay. So that's the case I'm between that one and I'm between the second one because the second one doesn't really sound that shady at least it's not a very good. Wait. I am. Your shade. I mean, it's it's like mild, I would say, compared to the other ones I think appeared to the if you compare those two John tweets directly, the first one is much Saucier much like the saucy sauce. Salty fries at steers. Steers give me your vote, please between, you know, between the that one and the fourth one, I don't wanna character cowed. The fourth one is hilarious though, but it makes me feel like you wrote it. I'm gonna get this one so wrong. I feel like number four is the fake one. It is not, and I love that. Not even the second one was fake. Why are you so bad? This? The third one was thank you won't even in the bowl pop by now shading people to the point where they are trying to ruin marriages. It's gone through fought by Streff, please these people's size, you will. You won't get this reference, but bio stretch and pulling told police Califoria by saying like, you don't know what Tom did with with John in the Gable you're gone a protecting you, bro. Yeah, I guess I was expecting balanced route to put at least a little bit of product placement in there because I believe last week, I guess the same type of tweet and I got it wrong..

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