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Because the other stories are a little lighter in nature and zeno char is returning while he did on wednesday night returned to boston now. The washington capitals. Try and put all the emotions aside after spending fourteen years with them prior to signing with a capital scores wanna stanley cup. In two thousand eleven. All kinds of success there. And you know it's very big always say okay so and so's returning to this particular place. It's pretty common place because you know everybody changes teams in sports the way they change laundry basically but this is a big one for sedano chara because its covid and he's now like going home to not just see old friends on the bruins his family's in boston because he left them there. He went to washington and He didn't want to uproot his kids so he's got his wife his eleven year old daughter. His twin sons who turned five on saturday. Didn't want to disrupt their lives. So he went off to washington by himself and so he is pumped to come back not just to see his bruins powell's but a more way more important reunion with his actual family. Yeah yeah it's. It's kind of like the tom brady story playing so many years in new england. And then why. Why would he go to another team right i. It always struck me as odd with him. Once you get a plane from over a dozen years steve for a team or ten years or what did you say. It was fourteen years with boston. It struck me as odd that he's okay. I'm outta here. And i wanna go to washington or to another team. I don't. I don't know how the deal but and And maybe that's what drives it. Maybe that what keeps him going. Because you're quite right. It's a case of okay. You've accomplished everything you need to accomplish. And year. What forty three or something like that. Just like tom brady. Why not walk off into the sunset but long before brady won a super bowl in tampa bay. It was char making the decision to keep his career going and signing on in washington probably felt like there was a cup to be one. They're still and yeah. I like you said it. Looks like he is going to if he keeps it rolling. If he gets through next season he's going to be the guy that's played the most games of any nhl defensemen in history. Now right now. The list is as you mentioned. Chris chelios it leads. It's sixteen fifty one fall by scott stevens at sixteen thirty five. Then larry murphy ray bork nicklas lidstrom and finally know chara at fifteen three. So he is If he plays this season and next he will be the all-time leader in games played and And and just such a physical specimen was that was chellios. This thing too. So committed to fitness craze. Char's like that too naturally strong and is not necessarily rely so much on blazing speed It just an amazing reach great strength great positioning and right that he can afford to lose a step because he's never been that fast to start with ya. You know. i thought maybe. A couple of guys. From the seventy larry robinson. Play a bunch of years with with in hawks like certainly with montreal boy. Now that you mentioned that that shocks me shocks one of these not in that top six. Yeah you played over twenty years anyway. What is going to say that stat where you bring that up. That games played we did. We interviewed kevin low right his. Who's induct guy going to be inducted into the hockey hall of fame. And then he received this order of canada in hockey. I think the actual title that he got recognize foreign is going to receive that. It's pretty. it's pretty cool. It's pretty lofty company. That he's with. But always steve those hall of fame inductions. Okay all of them. Even talking to kevin what stands out here pal. You know it's like well all of it. Six six cops and but but the staff. That's always in there. Steve is the amount of games played right and even brought that up. You know what. What's the highlight for you and longevity that i played that long that i've played that many he's like thirteen hundred games or speaking of defenseman. So you know. Don't don't underestimate this. This thing where guys you know play so long in the career stay healthy give it every night So it's a it's a big thing. Steve the amount of games they play in the nhl. That's part of what makes you great. If you're measuring out hockey hall of famers the harvey you're going to see. We have that discussion every time a guy comes along whose hasn't played that many. You've had some exceptions to the rule. Guys cam nealy or bobby orr. I haven't played law. Eric lindros to play a all right. Injuries feld them but If they if they were able to stay healthy wouldn't even be a discussion but Yeah that's that's that's part of it. It's part of Part of what makes you great and excellent. Like i look at a guy like austin matthews who You know he's now in his fifth season. I think and i i look at that guy. He the sky's the limit with that guy. In terms of individual glory and skill and point production goal production If he can stay healthy every year he seems to be dealing with something nagging and this year even he's already got a wrist. Injury is going to be back on wednesday night but Just one of those guys that seems to always be plagued by something but it's early and we all thought that of daniel alfredsson in the early days in A lot of people said. Wow man you gotta get rid of. The euro is here in ottawa and alfredsson. He's good and everything but he gets hurt all the time and he eventually got you know. Got some together and stayed healthy and had a great career and should be in the hall of fame but that detail for another day. Right this record. You're giving his defense been right. Yes correct gameplay crazy man. what what what. What an accomplishment. You're talking about hockey here. You know not ping pong right of how you know like the the game when you look at it. There's there's a video. Yesterday of mario lemieux scoring a goal. You know coming in from center ice and there was two defenseman draped. All over from this is back in the day and put them the full lumber all over him anyway scores as magnificent goal hence his nickname but tough. Tough league man. Toughly tough tough on an athlete. I'm impressed man way to go another tough job is the podcast world is we both know that a segue winds up and down for greatest segue that was hang on this right that but Certainly i think this is great. News in that where i am here in ottawa. Where most of our listeners reside on this brand new podcast that starts this weekend. it's it features. Tsn's ottawa reporter and Host of the sends games rent wallace and former ottawa. Senator mark my thought. And so it's it's it's going to be a really good show. It's gonna be on a couple of times a week and people might wonder. Okay why are you talking about what may well be. A competitor to the s w. p. or. Why are you talking about something that could be a competitor to sends nation. Podcast or the spendable is reading. The fact of the matter is. I think it's fantastic. Because one of the challenges that we have is just getting people aware of podcasting and understanding podcasting and went a big one up like this where you know. A lot of people are gonna be curious about it. I think it will draw more people to the podcast industry. So i think big picture. It's excellent news for everybody in the podcast world. I don't think so. I think br rents go take hike. Right that's.

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