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Something you don't like try and come up with like a genuine regulatory framework that balances what you think that the public's interests are one aspect of that should be trying to respect our data rights as human beings. Because right now our data is being sold resold for hundreds of billions of dollars a year and cost is not just economic. It's actually in human agency. it's in public trusts. Were getting packaged ourselves and sold to various advertisers in ways that also undermine the public good and our government has been completely absent on this. I think california's privacy. Laws are some of the best in the country that the newest rule is for there to actually be a dedicated privacy protection agency in california. It's almost like some kind of data cops It makes me very happy. I hope they get a really cool uniform and schedule but other states should be following suit and the feds should be following suit. California actually is ahead of the urban and what about with respect to our politics. How do you think we could improve a system. That is now. It's hard to characterize how Ramshackle it appears first of all the fact that we can't seem to hold an election that the country can trust the outcome of. How do we even approach a a national conversation about improving our politics entered and the the actual the infrastructure that allows us to deliver political results. Going forward sam. I'm so glad you asked this. Because i actually worked on a book on this topic. That's gonna come out in the league summer. Who knows but i am not. I'll i'll send you the manuscript because it's been on my mind but i'll let you listeners. Know what one of the key takeaways is which is ranked choice voting We need to get rank. Choice voting adopted around the country because it will help reduce polarization. It will free legislators up from the fear of being primary which right now is guidance. And very extreme decisions right now over. Eighty percents of elections are predetermined in terms of whether it's going to be democratic or republican. And so most voters don't actually have a genuine choice in their representations if you've ranked choice voting it decreases as negative campaigning. It gets rid of the spoiler effects so low and can be accused of wasting your vote. Adra maybe may be explain how the ranked choice voting works. Could i think many people won't be familiar with the logic of it. Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I got so excited. You know york barrel racist rank choice voting for the first i do so. This is very relevant. But the way right choice. Voting works is that the winner has to get over fifty percent of people's votes which use that as a starting point and the second thing is that you can rank more than one candidate as some that. You'd like to see win so use the mayoral race as an example. Let's say there are seven candidates. You can rank Me first and then scott stringer a second and in my while third and then what happens is when they count all of our votes if no one gets up to fifty point one percent at the top line then they get rid of the bottom most candidate and then they reassigned that candidate's votes based upon that person's second choice or the that entities. You know second choice votes. So that person's votes have reassigned and you repeat the process over and over again until someone gets past fifty point one percent so in this way you can actually both whoever want as your first choice and have no fear that it's somehow we're going to result in someone. You detest winning because you can just rank your second choice first and then if you're a person ends up one of the bottom performers devos slow through your second choice right wishes a huge deal because the the ralph nader effect is a problem and To be able to completely circumvent that issue of there being a spoiler wait a vote would Change a lot. You know if nothing else changed. And here's the wild thing. Is that in twenty five states around the country you can actually activate a referendum ranked voting simply through a ballot initiative that requires a number of signatures and in some states. It's actually a relatively modest number of signatures to states have already adopted. Rank choice voting and open primaries in those two states are main in alaska there. three states. That have valid initiatives where all it takes animated citizens and a bunch of signatures and you could actually transform democracy for the better. It's very exciting that this is something that has enormous potential to decrease the polarization. That is making us less less functional. Well andrew. I will let you go. I wish you a swift recovery from covid and a thoroughly successful campaign. And i look forward to on the other side of a vaccine being in a crowded restaurant with you when you were mayor of the city of new york. It's a date i will host you. We will go to whatever show that that you had a hankering to see. We'll have the best of cuisine in the world. and then we'll have the after dinner drink. At gracie mansion to to celebrate the renaissance of newark city. Like this is a beautiful vision sam. I'm duckling on a fight for something. Well yes thank you so..

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