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I wanted to turn to a back to sort of talking about you know Biracial -ality and especially as a presidential candidate. You know it felt like people encourage you, or there's pressure to choose a side you know black or Indian, American, and at one point you're asked directly in an interview at one point to say, indian-american are African American. which you know doesn't really jive with my understanding of my biracial friends identity, and what you said it was I'm a proud American in response to this question you know. How do you feel about the way? Our political environment handles biracial identity, and do you feel pressured to pick a side and does that reflect your life experience? Well I mean I have to tell you rancor honestly I. I don't even think we're that sophisticated yet I think that you just have to ask. How does America handle race? Much less what it means to be biracial. Like literally when you're talking about running for office, and you can ask any one of us who was one of the first of our kind to run based on gender or race, and you will know that it can be a challenge because. People. They're more comfortable on I guess. It's easier to place a candidate in a box that you already have defined. And based on your exposure and your your knowledge, right and your experiences. And so the challenge becomes then when you don't fit in someone's preconceived notion of who is president of the United States because they're only reference, point is who has been president of the United States, and not one of those people looks like you. It presents a challenge <hes> which is that. You are probably more required more than others that are familiar. You're required to explain things about yourself that otherwise you may not be required to explain. And that that can be challenging for a number of reasons including because. At that moment, you might prefer that. The interview was about your plan for the economy. But you're trying to help. People figure out who you are, even though you're really comfortable in your own skin. Well I think to that point conversations like these I think, do help people figure out you know as they relate to their own experiences in ways that are not widely talked about so I'm curious along along those lines. How have you dealt whether they're coping tools or learned skills or or sources of strength in your life? Have you dealt with this? External interrogation of your identity and how people use it to judge things like electability. Yeah so wonderful question <hes> you know I was raised with a deep sense of pride. In my cultural background. Like I've never really had. Mean this not as indictment of anyone, but just speaking about myself. As much as I don't like to do, but. I've never had an identity crisis. And it, just I haven't I haven't. I'm really comfortable in who I am I grew up in a family and extended family. Who was you? We like literally. I didn't go through some evolution. About who am I. What is my identity? I guess the frustration I have is if people think that I should have gone through such a crisis and need to explain it, but I didn't I you know. I grew up. In a community where <hes> and maybe it's because also being from the bay area and growing up in the bay area, and there was such a cultural mix of people on in the community in which I was raised, there was an understanding and appreciation. For that that it it just wasn't an issue for me, and but you're right, then being a candidate and going out in the world and being a candidate for public office does mean explaining who you are, then it requires a little bit more exploration to to help people figure it out, but it's not as though it was kind of an evolving consciousness for me. Thank you so much for sharing that and and I think like from what I understand about biracial added entity you know it involves a lot of tackling back and forth, and choosing between them is like choosing between your mom and dad, which you know, no sonner daughters really able to do.

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