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NewsRadio time eleven oh. To police in rural have arrested a man suspected of trying to abduct an eleven year old girl it happened Thursday afternoon near exposition and south Nome police chief Nick Metz says the man grabbed the girl is she was walking by and she bit this suspect and by doing so this suspect let go and took off running from the scene. Police have not released the identity of the man they arrested, but have said the man and girl did not know each other democrat Jared polis and Republican Walker Stapleton ready for their fourth debate in the race to replace governor John Hickenlooper political analysts say the candidates in tonight's debate in Colorado Springs may wind up taking shots at each other. For recent endorsements Stapleton was endorsed by President Trump. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is supporting police the debate could stand is each candidate's. Final argument since early voting begins next week sports, the buffs. Visit Southern Cal tonight. C you trying to stay unbeaten this season. Buffs QB Stephen Montanez. We've never beaten them. So I mean, that's just that kind of right? There is a little bit of a motivation little bit of motivator. Our coverage at six thirty this evening kick-off from the Coliseum at eight thirty also CS you take on New Mexico this afternoon in Fort Collins, UNC hosting Portland state, Wyoming at Fresno state tonight and air force falls twenty one to seventeen at San Diego State in a game last night next update at eleven thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Overall. Pretty good lookin' drive around the mile high city is pretty nice looking days where we have a new crash.

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